After Paul was saved, he wanted to tell everyone about the wonderful things the Lord had done for him. He took long journeys to tell others the Good News. One part of his missionary journeys is told about in Acts 13.

Key Points:

  • We should tell others the Gospel.
  • God will save people from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.
  • God is happy when we share the Good News.

Lesson Guide – Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Lesson Walk through in English

Paul went on missionary trips far from his home, and he told others about Jesus. Today, there are still missionaries who take the Gospel to other lands. Using an atlas (many Bibles have one in the back,) trace Paul’s route. Talk about a long trip you might have taken. Explain that in Paul’s day, they didn’t have planes or cars. Think about different types of transportation he might have used. You may even mention methods and ask the child if they think that mode of transportation existed in Paul’s day. 

Place clear plastic over the atlas and draw on a simple route of squares over the path of one of Paul’s journeys. On cards, draw pictures of the methods of transportation Paul might have used and assign values. E.g. the boat might be four moves and walking one. Play a simple game.

Another game would be to hide various objects around the house. These objects can be flags, dolls, photos, or something similar to represent different countries. Create simple cards with a cross or some other drawing to represent the good news. Tell the child to carry the Gospel to the lost. Each time they find a people, they should place a paper representing the Gospel on it. Celebrate when they reach the last country with their message. 

Talk about good news that has happened in your lives, such as the birth of a child or an exciting birthday gift. People are happy to share about good things that have happened to them with other people. God is happy when we share His good news with others. 

The Bible says that people of every tribe, tongue (language,) people, and nation will come to faith in Jesus. It doesn’t matter what people look like, what language they speak, where they live, or what they eat. Jesus said all different kinds of people will be in heaven. Create an around-the-world menu for a special lunch or dinner. Begin in your own country and choose a dish to make from each of the next continents. For example, someone in Europe might make a familiar dish for the appetizer, an Asian dish for the main, and an American dessert. You may also choose to make one recipe from each continent or simply make dishes from one particular country (not your own).

If you don’t wish to create the meal, you may create an around-the-world verse decoration. Choose a verse that is important to your family. Print or write it in your own language. Look up the verse in different languages and copy them. You may attach them to a string in the order the countries appear on the globe, or glue them to a world map over the countries they are from. Talk about how the Bible has been translated into many different languages, often by missionaries.

Video Bible story for children – Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Free Printable Bible Story – Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Bible Time video

Games and activities

Support a missionary

Help your children support and pray for a missionary. Your church may well already support a missionary or missionary organization.

Show photos of the missionaries and read the newsletters to them. Pray together with your child for the missionaries. Make a money box, where your child can collect some coins to support their work. Encourage your child to make pictures or cards for the missionaries. It will really bless and encourage them on the mission field.

Experiment with various natural dyes 

Lydia was a seller of purple cloth.  Flowers, berries, herbs, plants and even nuts can all be used to make various colors. A purple dye can be made using blackberries (rather than snail shells like in Lydia’s day).

Wear rubber gloves not to stain your skin. Crush the various items to make a die. Add drops of water as required and paint onto white fabric or allow to soak.

If you have extra time, try making a Tie-Dye.

Take the good news

Place pieces of paper around the room with names, flags, or people on them. Call out, “Take the good news to ……” The players must then run to the correct paper as quickly as possible.

If children run to the wrong paper or are the last to arrive, they are out.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Craft – Go into all the world

What you need:

  • Template page (on card for best results),
  • Colored pencils,
  • Scissors,
  • Split pin.

What to do:

  1. Color the template page.
  2. Cut out the world and boat section.

Fix together with split pin.

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