Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Are these lessons only intended for kids under 5?

The lessons on the site were orginally aimed at children under 5 years old.  

However, we now have lessons for babies, preschool, 5+ year old and teens.

Do you have lessons in any other language?

Yes, all of the lessons are in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Many of the lessons are available in other languages also. See list at top of page. Please message us if you’re interested in receiving them in your language or if you feel you could help with the translation of them.

Which Bible version do the lessons use?

We don’t use one particular version of the Bible in our lessons. The lesson notes enable you to take your family or church Bible and use that version with your child. 

This also helps if your not an English speaker. 

Included in the lessons, is a simple story that sums up the main points of the lesson as well as links to videos that tell the story. We do however ALWAYS recommend that you start with an actual Bible. It is important that the child knows these are Bible lessons and not just stories.

Are you presenting a true picture of Biblical Stories in your lessons?

Our main focus in delivering these lessons is allowing under-fives to engage and explore the Bible. Consequently, all lessons must be Bible-based. We spend a lot of time praying and studying to make sure the lessons deliver biblical truth in an age-appropriate way. 

What does it look like in practice? It means that we don’t skip over some of the harder passages on the Bible to explain. But we do try to explain them in a way which children will understand without going into the full nature of the sin. 

For example, in the lesson on Sodom and Gomorrah, we mention that the people in the city did evil things, we don’t go into details of those actions.  

When we made the lesson about Jericho and spoke about Rahab,  we mention she was a lady who did bad things we don’t go into detail on which things.

We believe it’s your role as a parent or Sunday school teacher you know your children and to decided how much details to teach them.

How often do you publish a lesson?

We publish one new lesson every Friday.

We also aim upload a bonus lesson every few weeks and create many other resouces through the year.

Do you have a Facebook page as well?

Yes, we’re on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.  Click on the links to go to the pages and follow us for the latest news and updates. Also please reach out to us, we love you in from you.

Do you publish these lessons in printed form as well?

At the moment we only publish the lessons in digital form. 

We make them available as a PDF which you can print at home. We try our best to design them in a  printer-friendly way. We try to find a balance between designing something which looks attractive, is engaging for children and doesn’t cost too much to print at home.

Providing them digitally also means that they can be used anywhere. If you’re travelling, you’ll still have access to the lessons.

If receiving a printed copy would be something useful to you, please let us know. Send us a message along with where you are from. Maybe it’s something we can work on in the near future.

Is there any fee required to download the lessons?

All the lessons on the site of free to download, print and use at home or at church. We don’t want cost to be a barrier in you using these to help your under-fives explore the Bible. 

Is there a way to submit a donation for the lessons?

Some people have asked about making a  donation. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of preparing and publishing these lessons,  you can do so via PayPal. (See link in the sidebar of lessons)

100% of the donation is used towards the ongoing ministry costs.

Do we need to register on the website to download the lessons?

You don’t need to register or enter your email address in order to download any of the lessons. However, if you would like to receive a new lesson each week by email, there is a form where you can subscribe.

We find that by subscribing it helps people to commit to a weekly Bible time. 

Sign up for free using the form below.

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