This week we will continue with the story of Joshua just after the children of Israel had crossed the river Jordan and are now in the promised land. 

Our lesson will focus on how God gave Joshua and the children of Israel victory over Jericho and why Rahab and her family escaped the destruction. Our Scripture text is found in Joshua 5:13- 6:1-27.

Some of the takeaway points are:

  • God can change people’s lives.
  • No matter what bad things we have done, God will forgive us when we repent.
  • When we obey, God gives us the victory.
  • We can become part of the family of God.

    Lesson walkthrough and overview

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    Bible Lesson

    Remind the child that Joshua is now the leader of Israel instead of Moses, and the time has come to take the Promised Land. Ask the child if they recall how long the Israelites wandered in the desert. (40 years)

    Explain that long ago, cities were surrounded by high walls to protect them. If you live near a walled city, you can take a day trip to see walls. If you do not live near a walled city, show the child pictures online.

    Talk about Rahab. Explain that she lived a life that did not honor God. Point out that she repented and trusted God. God not only forgave her sins, but he also made her part of Jesus’ family tree. If you have a family tree, you can show the child. You can also create a simple family tree for the child to help them understand. (Refer back to last week’s lesson “Joshua”)

    Ask the child if they remember what was the color of the thread Rahab hung in her window. Build a wall of blocks and hang various colored strings or pieces of yarn. Ask the child which window belongs to Rahab. Think about how red is also the color of Jesus’ blood that saves us from our sins.

    Ask the child if they have ever tried to do something impossible. Talk about impossible things. Some can be silly (cats can’t speak English) while others can be serious (we can’t save ourselves from our sins). Talk about how with God all things are possible. Show the child the picture of the big wall around a city (such as Jerusalem). Ask if it would be easy to bring down the wall. Suggest some things that might make a hole in it. Talk about how God didn’t choose a tractor or a wrecking ball. Instead, He had the people march around the city.

    March around the wall of blocks that you created for the colored thread game above. Have the child count with you each time you make a circle. (If the wall is small, you can place it on the table and march around the table instead). On number seven, shout and make trumpet sounds. Knock over the wall.

    Remind the child that when God says to do something, He will make a way. His ways always work, and He can give us the victory.

    Celebrate that with God, all things are possible.

    Pray and ask Jesus to help you trust in Him and know that He can do anything.  

    Bible Story

    Games and Activites

    Included in this week’s downloadable lesson is a selection of games and activities that can be used to reinforce this week lesson.


    • Acting out the battle of Jericho with building blocks
    • Making loud music and homemade instruements
    • Hide the Spy game


    The goal of the worksheets is to teach the lesson of the lessons of Rahab and the battle of Jericho, while supporting educational development and teaching. We will also learn about the number 7.  This weeks lesson includes:

    Arts and Crafts

    In this weeks lesson you will find:

    Craft includes a free template and instructions.

    Colouring pages

    Download lesson

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