In this week’s lesson, we learn about Ruth who lived during the time of the judges.

Her story is found in the book of Ruth. Some of the key points we will examine are:

  • God rewards us when we trust and follow Him.
  • God is faithful.
  • God can use difficult situations to take us to a better place.
  • We should serve God well in the little things.
  • God has a redeemer for us.

Lesson walkthrough and overview

Bible Lesson

Talk about what a famine means. Explain that Naomi and her family had to travel a long way to find food. Talk about how they went to a foreign country that was very different from their own and that the people there did not worship the true God. Then talk about how Ruth followed Naomi back to God’s people and land. Think about how hard it might be to live in a foreign land.

Pick out a country together. (Spin a globe, look up missionaries supported by your church, etc.) After the country is selected, look up a few pictures. Pick out a recipe from that country, make it, and eat it together. Discuss how the houses, trees, flowers, etc. are different. Then point out that no matter how different countries are, people all over the world need to believe in Jesus to be saved. Commit with your child to pray for “your” country for a week or longer.

Talk about how Ruth was faithful in the little things like collecting the grain. Ask your child how they would “fix” the world. Have fun talking about ways to make people happy—such as giving everyone a free cookie/biscuit. Then point out that although we cannot do this for everyone in the world, we can do little things such as giving neighbours or friends cookies. Remind the child of some of the small things they struggle to do (make their bed, pick up toys, etc.). Talk about how they need to learn to be faithful in doing those things before you will let them do tasks that require more responsibility.

Remind the child that God can use difficult times to take us to a better place. If possible, take a trip to a hill. Climb the hill together. Point out how it might seem like the path is long or steep. When you reach the top, point out how far you can see and share a special treat together as you look at the view. Explain how sometimes the path might seem hard, but the reward is worth it.

Think about what a redeemer means. Talk about how you “redeem” items at the grocery store when you pay the purchase price. Explain that Jesus is the Redeemer, and He came to earth to pay the purchase price for us.

Pray together and thank Jesus for being a redeemer and ask Him to save the people all around the world.

Ruth Bible Story for kids

Games and Activites

Included in this week’s downloadable lesson is a selection of games and activities that can be used to reinforce this week lesson.


  • Cooking a meal with leftovers
  • Collect in your basket game
  • Finding and using vouchers.
  • Make your own coupons.


The goal of the worksheets is to teach the lesson of the lessons of Ruth, while supporting educational development and teaching. This weeks lesson includes:

Arts and Crafts

Paper plate basket

Easy basket craft. Use to talk about Ruth collecting the grain. 

Lesson includes a free template and instructions.

Wheat basket craft for kids

Colouring pages

Download lesson


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