This week’s lesson continues to look at the lives of some of the judges in Israel who ruled between the conquering of the Promised Land and the crowning of Israel’s first king.

In this lesson, we will study the life of Samson. His story is found in Judges 13-15.

Some of the main points we will learn are:

  • God gives us special abilities and gifts.
  • We should be careful whom we trust, since some people will try to trick us.
  • When we repent, God forgives us.

Lesson walkthrough and overview

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Bible Lesson

Remind the child of some of the different judges whose stories we have heard. (Deborah, Gideon.) Talk about how judges were the leaders of Israel just like we have leaders in our countries today such as presidents, prime ministers, etc.

Talk about how God gifted Samson with a special ability. Ask the child if they know what this special ability is. Discuss how God made Samson very, very strong. Talk about other ways that people can be gifted such as singing voices, intelligence, or steady hands. Think about your own job and discuss with your child the way God has given you the ability to do it.

Ask the child if they know what trust means. Talk about how trust means that we believe in the truth of something. Talk about people that we can trust such as mommy or daddy. Explain that the one person we can always trust is Jesus.

Discuss how we should be wise to avoid getting tricked by people. To illustrate some of the tricks people play, fill a mug/box/other container with wobbled up paper. On the very top, put a few pieces of candy. Show the child how full the container looks and how some people will try to tell us that it is filled with candy. Then pull off the candy and show that it is only filled with wobbled up paper. Talk about other ways that people might try to trick us. Point out some of the ways that Samson was tricked. Talk about how Delilah lied to Samson, and how he shouldn’t have trusted her with his secret. Explain how we should be careful who we trust.

Ask your child if they know what repentance means. Explain that repentance means to be sorry, but also to turn one’s back on bad behavior and go the other way. In a wide open area with no tripping hazards, set up a chair with a treat on it. Explain that you will play the repentance game. Remind the child that repent means to be sorry and turn your back on your sin. Think about how Samson might have been blind, but he could trust God to forgive him when he repented. Blindfold your child. Turn them in a circle and tell them that you will guide them to the treat. Every time you yell out, “Repent!” that means they are going in the wrong direction and need to go another way.

After the child has found the treat, think about how the Bible can guide us away from things that are wrong. Remind the child that we need to tell God we are sorry and stop doing the bad thing when we repent.

Pray with your child to ask Jesus to help you trust Him and repent from our sins.

Samson Bible story for kids

Games and Activites

Included in this week’s downloadable lesson is a selection of games and activities that can be used to reinforce this week lesson.


  • Heavy or light object guess game
  • Talent Show
  • Fun Exercises
  • Learn about muscles


The goal of the worksheets is to teach the lesson of the lessons of Samson, while supporting educational development and teaching. This weeks lesson includes:

Colouring pages

Arts and Crafts

In this weeks lesson you will find:

Lesson includes a free template and instructions.

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