This week, we will look at our second week of the Christmas lessons. (If you missed week one click here). We will focus on Mary and her reaction to the angel’s message. This passage can be found in Luke 1:26-38.

Some of the key points we will look at are–

  • Nothing is impossible for God.
  • God works in ways we don’t understand.
  • We can ask wise people for advice and counsel.

The Angel appears to Mary – Lesson Guide

There are some helpful animated videos and song ideas included in a youtube playlist to go along with this lesson.

Share with your child, how God often gave important messages to angels to deliver for him. Try to remember some from the Old Testament. Abraham for example.

Ask the child if they know who Mary is. Explain that Mary was a simple Jewish girl who honored God. Talk about how God chose her to give birth to His Son. Point out that people would be mean to Mary for obeying God, but she obeyed Him anyway. Explain that people thought Mary had done a bad thing, but she hadn’t. Remind the child that they should obey God, no matter what other people say.

Pull out baby photos of your child, you, your parents, etc. Point out characteristics that you have in common with your child, or they have in common with your parents. You can play a matching game, such as these two people have this similar feature or personality trait. Remind the child that every baby ever born needs both a mommy and a daddy. Then point out that God told Mary she would have a baby without a daddy, because God would be the baby’s Father. Marvel that nothing is impossible with God.

Mary sang a song to praise God. Talk about how God likes it when we sing praises to Him. Sing a song of praise to God with your child. You may also choose to create a song such as singing “Jesus is the Light of the World, Light of the World, Light of the World. Jesus is the Light of the World. He came on Christmas Day.” Sing these words to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. You may select another phrase or tune (very simple children’s tunes are best) to allow your child to have the joy of creating their own song to praise God.

Point out that God works in ways we don’t understand. Pull up an online clip of a cartoon or other children’s show in a foreign language. Watch the clip together (make sure the content has speaking in it). Ask the child if they understood the talking in the video. Point out that we cannot understand the clip since we do not speak the language. Select a verse in a foreign language (if you know someone who speaks a foreign language, choose that one) or a children’s Bible song. Learn the verse or song with your child (you may use an online video to ascertain correct pronunciation). Then learn the verse or song in English. Talk about how God reveals some things to us, but others, only He understands.

Explain that just like we watched a video or asked a friend about the correct way to say something in another language, people can help us understand God better. Point out that when Mary needed help, she went to Elizabeth.

Ask the child who they can go to for advice. Point out that the Bible is filled with instructions on how to live. Ask the child if they can think of a verse that tells us how to live.

Share how God had also allowed Elizabeth to have a baby, even though she was too old and had waited a long time. Speak how God has a plan for people of all ages. You are never too young or too old to God.

If the child has memorized the song or verse in a language known to a friend, have the child share the song/verse with the friend.

As it is the second week, add Mary and Joseph to the nativity scene you are building. Point out that the time for Jesus’ arrival is getting close.

Pray with your child and thank God that nothing is impossible for Him. Ask Him to help you always obey Him.

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and Activities

Visit a friend

Christmas is a great time to catch up with friends who maybe we don’t see to often. Reflect on how Mary planned a trip to visit Elizabeth, by planning a trip to visit a friend or family member. Thank God for the people He puts in our lives.

Make cards for a care Home

We all love receiving Christmas Cards. Remind your child how the angel delivered important messages from God. Make some Christmas card with your child and deliver them to your local care home. You could use the template provided or make your own. Ask the staff to give them to some of the residence who maybe otherwise wouldn’t have any. Remind your child the Christmas is for everyone, young and old. (Zechariah and Elizabeth thought they were to old).

Leap for Joy: Remind your child how Elizabeth’s baby jumped with joy as Mary and Jesus approached. Give jumping directions for your child to follow. For example: jump high, jump low, jump forward, jump to the side and so on.

You could also turn it into a game by seeing who can jump the highest, furthest, funniest etc.


Nativity Character Coloring pages

Build out your Nativity Scene

Last week, we began to build our nativity scene. If you haven’t printed it yet, it’s free in last week’s lesson.

This week, we will add Mary’s and Elizabeth’s houses and use them as we tell the story to make it interactive.

Angel Decoration Craft – Includes free template

What you need

  • The template page printed on white card or paper.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colouring pencils or crayons

What to do

  1. Cut out the cone and glue or tape together. If teaching a group, do before class to save time.
  2. Colour the Angel and wings.
  3. Glue the body and wings onto the cone.

Download the lesson


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