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In this lesson, we will learn about the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11:1-9. After Noah and the flood, the number of people on earth grew. They were supposed to fill the earth as God commanded, but instead stayed in one area. One day, they decided to build a tower. This passage warns us about leaving God out of our plans.

Key Points:

  • We should follow God’s plans and not our own.
  • There is a difference between good pride and sinful pride.
  • The origin of languages.

Lesson Guide – The Tower of Babel

Before starting this week’s lesson, allow your child to play with some building blocks. Why not have a competition to see who can build the biggest tower before it falls over. You may even like to play a round or two of “Jenga.”

When you’ve finished playing, introduce this week’s lesson. “Today, we are going to read about a time when some people decided to build the tallest tower that had ever been built.”

Ask your child what they remember about Noah. This will set up the backdrop for this week’s lesson while reinforcing what we have already learned.

Read Genesis 11:1–9 from your child’s Bible.

Ask your child if they know what the word “pride” means? Explain the difference between good pride and bad pride.

Good pride is when you feel good about yourself because you have done an excellent job, made something good, helped someone … God likes it when we feel this kind of pride. It is similar to how He said, “It is good” after creating the world.

Bad Pride is when you think TOO much of yourself. You might think you are better than you really are, and look down on other people and think you are better than them. God does not want us to have this kind of pride.

Ask your child what God did because of their pride.

You can then ask your child if they know of any other languages. Maybe you speak more than one language at home, or have friends who speak another language.

Think about the frustration your child feels when they are not understood. Reflect on how the people must have felt when they were unable to speak to each other.

Finally, explain again how bad pride is harmful. Teach Proverbs 16:18, “Pride leads to destruction. A proud attitude brings ruin.”

The Tower of Babel – Bible story for kids

Games and Activities

Cup Stacking

Cups can be piled in pyramids of all sizes and shapes or made into walls or towers.

You’re only limited by the number of cups you have. Fortunately, disposable cups are cheap (and quite often recyclable).

Plus, kids can practice math if they count their stacks or create patterns with different colored cups.

Pancake Towers

Cook some Mini Pancakes (or buy ready-made)

Cut slices of fruit (banana, strawberries, etc)

Stack in sandwich fashion to see who can make the tallest tower.

Building blocks

No need to prepare anything and guaranteed to entertain kids for hours.

Allow your child to play with their favorite building blocks and build whatever their imagination allows them.


The Tower of Babel – Coloring pages

Craft – Brick stamp tower

You will need:

  1. A large piece of paper (A3)
  2. Colored paint
  3. A Rectangle eraser
  4. Marker Pen
  5. Template page
  6. Scissor
  7. Glue

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