Paul was on his way to Rome to stand trial when the ship he was sailing on wrecked. God was merciful and spared the lives of those aboard. We can read the story in Acts 27. 

Key Points:

  • God is merciful.
  • God is in control.
  • God will give us courage.

Lesson Guide – Paul’s Shipwreck

Lesson Walk through in English

Play a game where you give some advice to your children. If they would listen to the advice, they should stand up. They should sit down if they think it is bad advice. Be as silly as you want. For example, “It’s hot outside. You’d better wear your hat and scarf.”

Have you ever not taken advice and had something go wrong? Talk about a time that not taking advice was unwise. 

Paul told the centurion who was traveling with him that they should not start sailing, or the ship would be wrecked, and many people would die. The centurion did not listen to Paul. They were on the boat when a massive storm started. Talk about big storms that you have experienced. Imagine if you were in a ship on the ocean when the storm came. 

Even though the centurion disobeyed Paul’s advice, God was merciful and spared every life on the ship. This was a big miracle. 

Grab several toothpicks or small twigs. You may decorate if you wish with your child to create sailors. Also, select a boat, whether a toy, cup, or paper boat. Put the toothpick sailors into the boat. You may use a tub of water, a floor, or a large table to play the game. Push the sailors in the boat across the surface. Call out, “Shipwreck!” and toss the sailors onto the surface. Set a timer for a select amount of time, depending on the child’s age. Allow them to scramble to pick up as many sailors as they can before time runs out. Whether your child succeeds or not, point out that they are picking up toothpicks in their house, and the sailors were in the middle of a stormy sea.  

Mercy is not giving someone the punishment they deserve. Talk about a time you did something that deserved a punishment, but someone didn’t give it to you. They showed mercy.

Paul had the courage and trusted God, even in the middle of the storm. Paul knew that nothing was outside of God’s control.

Play a game of control. Place several objects into various bowls on the counter—water, an egg, a cracker, a carrot, sugar, etc. Now, ask the child to pick up the objects and hold them in their fist without dropping any. As they hold each item, talk about which ones are easy to hold, which ones are harder, and which ones are impossible. Just like we can’t hold everything in one fist, we can’t control everything in our lives. Remind them that God can control everything. Nothing is outside of His ability to hold.

Talk about a time you planned to do something, but things got in the way. It could be a trip when your car broke. Or visiting a museum but you got sick and had to stay home. Share how a storm, shipwreck, and a poisons snake couldn’t stop God’s plans for Paul. Even though we may experience not nice things in life, God is always in control.

Video Bible story for children – Paul’s Shipwreck

Games and activities

Boat races

Use some recycled items to make a boat. You could also fold paper boats.

Fill a large bowl or bathtub with water. Line up the boats and have a race to blow the boats to the other side. Try to make sure the boat does not fall over. The first boat to the other side wins.

Rock a child in a blanket

Find a blanket that is strong enough to hold your child’s weight. With an adult on either side. Have your child lie down in the middle of the blanket.

Pick up both sides, so your child is swinging in the blanket. Slowly rock it back and forth. Have your child imagine they are at sea. As your child to imagine what it must have been like for Paul and the others in a stormy sea.

Shark attack

Place some hoops on the floor to become islands. Choose one person to be a shark. The other players are swimmers.

When the music plays, children all swim around the room. When the music stops, children must safely go to an island without being tagged by a shark. If they are tagged, they are out. Each time the music stops, one island is removed.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Paul’s Shipwreck

Bible Craft – Paul’s Shipwreck with memory verse

What you need:

  • Template page,
  • Crayons or paint,
  • Scissors,
  • Half a Paper (plate cut in wave shape),
  • Wooden skewer (remove point),
  • Sticky Tape.

What to do:

  1. Colour the template page and a paper plate.
  2. Cut out ship parts. Tape onto a wooden skewer.
  3. Make a small hole in the paper plate and insert a skewer.

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