This week we will begin our Bible lessons for children by studying the account of creation found in Genesis 1. As we study the creation of the world, some of the key points we will learn are:

  • God created all life.
  • God is in charge of all life.
  • God is powerful and spoke the world into existence.
  • We should love and honor God.

Lesson Guide – Creation Bible lesson. Genesis 1

Lesson Walk through in English

Open your Bible, ask your child where the best place is to start reading a book. Explain that in the beginning of the Bible it speaks about the beginning of our world.

Ask your child what nothing is. Explain that in the very beginning, before the world came to be, the world was dark, without form, and empty.  Ask your child if they have ever made anything. Select a particular project or craft that they have made. Talk about why they like it. Ask them to tell you how it came into being. Point out that they used materials to create their craft. Remind them that humans always need something to begin a task. We cannot create from nothing. Point out that at this moment you are using your mind and mouth to convey a lesson to them. Show them the Bible and talk about how it was made from paper and ink.

Then talk about how God created the world from nothing. He merely spoke and everything came into being. Ask your child to try to speak something into existence. Point out that God is very powerful to be able to use words to create the world.

If you wish, you can reenact the creation story as you read it. You will need to gather a few supplies. Begin by sitting in the dark. When God speaks light into existence, have your child turn on a flashlight. Have them turn on a fan when God separates the air from the water. Continue to use simple representations such as stuffed animals or star stickers to represent the world. As you continue, point out how many times God says the world is very good. 

Return to the craft you used at the beginning of the lesson. Point out that your child chose to make the craft the way it was made. Ask the child if it would be silly for the craft to complain about a particular aspect of its looks or use. You may choose to use a voice and use the project as a puppet to drive the point home. Remind the child that as the craft’s maker, they had the right to make it as they choose. Point out that as our Maker, God, has the right to always be in charge. Share how God made everything good!

Point out that God told all of creation what to do since He is so powerful. Remind the child that God told all the plants and animals to continue to create their kind. Tell the child that even though it has been thousands of years, plants, animals, and humans still obey this command.

If possible, gather a small collection of pots filled with potting soil and a selection of seeds. In addition, you may gather a small collection of fruits or vegetables with visible seeds—strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, etc. Talk about how if you take a seed from a tomato and plant it, you will always grow a tomato. The same with the other plants. You may also choose to plant some seeds with your child. Celebrate that God created a wonderful and orderly world for us. You may choose to learn a song with your child celebrating God, such as “My God Is So Big.”

Pray and thank God for the world He created. Ask Him to help you understand Him more as you study His Word.

Story Pages

Creation Lesson video – 12 minutes

Games and Activities

God’s creation scavenger hunt

Enjoy a walk in God’s creation and see what you can find?


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Days of Creation

Bible Craft – Paper plates Days of Creation

You will need:

  • 6 Paper plates
  • Poster paints & brushes
  • Template pages
  • and imagination 😀

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