Easter Story Trail

Also in Español / Português / Svenska / Slovenčina

We are super excited to be able to share with you our FREE Easter story trail. If you enjoyed our Christmas version, you will know what to expect.

It can be done with zero or little contact in a year where we all must be creative with current COVID restrictions.

The download pack with images to hide.

We hope these will be a tool which help families explore the Bible account of Easter.

Families scan the QR code on each image to hear or ready part of the story.

Audio is in mp3 format to reduce internet uses where Wi-Fi is not available.

The ten images will take them from ‘Palm Sunday’ through to the cross, resurrections and Jesus accession back to Heaven.

At the end of the trail, families can download free Easter coloring pages and a printable certificate.

If using at your church, feel free to print downloads in advance.

Download the FREE trail pdf

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