This week we will begin to learn about the apostles whom Jesus called to follow Him. Our text Is found in Luke 5:1-11. Some of the key points we will study are–

  • Introduction to Peter and Andrew.
  • We should trust Jesus even when we think we know better – Peter trusted Jesus.
  • Jesus wants us to follow Him.
  • Jesus calls us to tell others about Him.

Fishers of Men – Lesson Guide

Ask the child if they know what an apostle and / or a disciple is. Explain that Jesus selected twelve men to teach who would in turn take His message to others. Talk about Peter and Andrew and explain that they were fishermen. Explain that they earned their living by going out on boats, throwing nets into the water, and catching fish. If you wish, you may select a video online to show the child what fishermen do.

Ask the child if they have ever tried and failed to do something. Talk about how the fishermen had tried all night to catch some fish. Think about how tired and discouraged they must have been. Either reflect on or select a task at your child’s level that they have not yet learned how to do. Ask them to do it. As they try, point out that they are getting tired and discouraged just like the fishermen. Point out that they might stop after failing. Speak about a time you were frustrated and wanted to give up. Ask them if they would want to try again because a stranger told them to do so.

Point out that even though Peter was tired and thought he knew better, he chose to trust Jesus. Talk about how we should always trust Jesus, no matter how we may feel.

Explain that follow means to go after someone and do as they do. Play a game of follow the leader. If you wish to reinforce the lesson of following when one doesn’t understand, you may do the following. Before the game begins, select a chore your child does not enjoy. Hide a small toy or surprise e.g. a small surprise in the closet where your child puts away their clothes. Have the child copy your example in completing the task while leading them closer to the surprise. Point out that they would not have gotten the surprise if they had not followed the leader and done the task they disliked. Explain that you knew better and they had to trust you, follow your example, and complete the task. In the same way, we must trust Jesus, follow Him, and do as He commands.

Talk to your child about good news. You may use the surprise they just received as an example or select something else about which your child is excited. Think about how people always want to share good news with others. You may even think about ways people do so such as wedding announcements or photos of new babies. Ask the child if they would like to keep something exciting a secret, and if it would be hard to do so.

You may reinforce this by creating a surprise for someone your child loves, such as making their parent’s favorite cake or grandparent’s favorite pudding. Talk about how excited their loved one will be by the surprise. Then create the cake, pudding, or other surprise.

Ask your child if it’s better to tell the person about the surprise so they can enjoy it or whether they should hide it, so the person never finds out about it.

Point out that we are in possession of very good news. We know that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Remind your child that we should be telling everyone this exciting news.

Pray and thank Jesus that we can trust Him. Ask Him to help you always follow Him.

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and Activities

Fishing game

Cut out some paper fish and attach some paper clips to the fish. (You may also use the template included in this lesson).

Make a fishing line with a piece of wool. Use either a magnet or paperclip hook to catch the fish.

To make the game more complicated add numbers, shapes or letters to the fish and ask the child to fish the correct fish.

Follow the Leader

Reflect on Jesus invitation to follow Him by playing a game of follow the leader. Choose one person to be the leader and then all other people must copy that person. Speak about how we must leave were we are to follow Jesus wherever He leads us and do what He does.

Build a boat

Find some household items which you can turn into a boat. Put some random items out and ask the child to identify items which would make a good boat.When the boat is finished, put a small toy person inside and try to float them in a tub of water.


Bible Coloring pages – Fishers of Men

Fisher of Men craft – Includes free template and Memory verse

Fishers of Men craft with memory verse
Fishers of Men craft with memory verse

What you need:

  • Template page on card
  • Coloring pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wool
  • (Optional) CD

What to do:

  1. Colour in the template pages. Leave circle blank if using cd.
  2. Cut out the fish, eye and Bible verse. If using a cd glue onto fish.
  3. Make some holes on either side of Bible verse and on mouth.
  4. Thread Bible verse onto wool and tie to mouth.

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