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This week we will be focusing on the way that God guides His people. Although our passage is Exodus 40:34-38 and shows how God led the Israelites, we will also examine how the Lord leads us today. The main points are:

  • God wants to guide His people.
  • The Bible is our guide – Psalm 119.
  • God doesn’t only give us directions to follow, but He goes with us.
  • We must keep our eyes on God and follow Him.

Lesson Guide – God guides His people

Remind the child that the children of Israel had built a tabernacle. Ask if they remember why. Point out that the tabernacle was built as a place for God to dwell, and that His cloud descended on the tabernacle and filled the tent with His glory.

Play a game with the child to demonstrate how God would lead his people. Create a simple tent for the child as a game piece. Pick up something yourself to imitate a cloud. These game pieces can be anything from a pillow to represent the cloud and a simple drawing that symbolises the tent. To play. Raise the pillow (depending on the age of the child you can say, “The cloud has lifted”). The child will begin to move his tent. When you lower the cloud, the child has to stop. This game would be more fun if there were at least two players. You can also add in difficulty if you set the child a task (such as building a tower of blocks) so they are forced to divide their time between watching the cloud and doing their task. Contemplate with the child how we need to do the work God has set for us on earth without forgetting to focus on Him.

Here is another way to show how we need to keep our eyes on God. You can play this game throughout the day. Put up a card on the wall with a picture on both sides. Tell the child that at different times during the day you will flip the card around. Leave the card turned around for a set amount of time depending on your child’s age (older kids = less time) Try to turn the card when they are distracted playing or working. If they notice that the card has been flipped, they get a treat, points, a hug, etc. If they don’t, flip the card back around and point out that they became too distracted to notice your leading. To make the game even more fun, give them a card of their own. Allow them to flip it back and forth to see if you notice. They will be delighted if they can fool you!

Both these games are to illustrate that we need to keep our eyes on God, but still do the tasks He has led us to do.

Pick up a Bible and open it. Point out that reading the Bible is the way we know what God wants us to do. Read Psalm 119:105. Point out to the child that when we try to walk when it is dark, we might hurt ourselves. Point out that turning on the light allows us to see where we are going and prevent us from getting hurt. Celebrate that God gave us the Bible to be a light for our path.

Pray with your child and ask Jesus to help you follow His leading.

God guides His people – Bible story for kids


God guides His people- coloring pages

Pillar of cloud and Fire Craft

What you need:

  • 1 Kitchen roll tube
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Red and Yellow crate or tissue paper
  • Wool
  • PVA Glue
  • A pen or pencil

God guides Bookmark coloring page

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