Dive into the wonderful Bible passage of Simeon and Anna and explore their wait and devotion for the Saviour with our free, inclusive Bible lesson. Perfect for kids of all abilities, this lesson is based on Luke 2:22-38 through interactive and accessible activities.

Inside the Lesson:

  • Engaging Lesson Guide: Teach the biblical narrative in an hand-on and relatable way.
  • Creative Crafts: Helps children visualize and remember the story.
  • Interactive Discussions: Encourages children to share their thoughts and insights.
  • Adaptable Activities: Suitable for various learning styles and abilities.

Complementary Resources from Trueway Kids

Enhance your teaching experience with additional free resources from Trueway Kids. Access a variety of activities that complement our lesson, making the learning process even more dynamic and inclusive. Visit Trueway Kids – Simeon and Anna to download these valuable resources.

Download Your Free Lesson Now

Get started on an inclusive, educational journey with the story of Simeon and Anna. Click below to download your free lesson pdf.

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