January 2022 – Update and prayers

At the beginning of the year, as we reflected on 2021, we were overwhelmed with thankfulness to see that 4,271,313 people had visited Trueway kids to download a lesson in the past year to teach children the Bible.

We were able to share lessons in 32 languages and with people from 231 nations. It is such a joy to know that children are learning the truths of the Bible from a young age.

In January of this year we had 528,148 visitors.

Thank you for serving with us and helping children grow in faith!


This year, it has been such a privilege to share the lessons for children aged 0 through to 18 years old.

Through 2021, many people emailed to ask about the possibility of having lessons for preteens and teens. After prayer and planning, we felt that this was the right time to start making the lessons.

Since January, we have been sharing the weekly lessons in four age groups. 1) Baby and toddlers 2) Preschool 3) Children 5+ and 4) Preteens and Teens


Free printable Bible lessons for Teens - Trueway Teens

Our new teen lessons follow the same program as other ages covering the New Testament this year. This means that the lessons can be used at home or church with children of different ages studying the same passage.

Each teen lesson has in-depth Bible study notes and discussion questions. A mind map to help remember the main points of a lesson. Worksheets, games and activities, colouring pages, memory verses to learn and much more. They also have a graphic novel style artwork aimed at teens.

It’s a joy to be able to share these lessons each week in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans and Thai. 

It has been really encouraging to see more than 1000 people downloading the teen lessons each week.


It is such a blessing to be able to share lessons for children in their own language. We are incredibly thankful for those God has brought alongside us to help translate the lessons. This year, we’ve been able to share the preschool versions of the lessons in around 20 languages each week.

We’re also sharing baby and toddler lessons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. And the 5+ age lessons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Afrikaans.

Additionally, we continue to add translations of past lessons in several languages, including minority and tribal languages.


Our sea explorers VBS / weekly themed program is almost finished and are being translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

Over eight sessions, this series will explore famous passages in the Bible through a sea-based theme. The sessions will explain the gospel and the life of faith.

Each of the main five sessions has lesson guides, Bible stories, scripts for use with puppets or in a drama, Story versions of the script, worksheets, crafts, colouring pages, group games, memory verses and more.

We pray that these will help many families and churches reach other children in their communities with the gospel over the summer.


We have begun to update the website slowly. We plan to make it easier for people to use and find the resources they need. Initially, the website was designed only to share preschool-age lessons in English, so our first step will be to create sections for each age group.

As more people sign up to receive lessons by email each week, we need to upgrade how we send the emails. 1) To make sure everyone who signs up receives the lesson and 2) To lower the costs of sending so many emails.


We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support. Over the next month, we would especially value your prayers for:

  1. For the weekly creation of the New Testament lessons in the different age groups.
  2. The translations and all those who serve in this way.
  3. The Sea Explores VBS program.
  4. Translation in minority languages
  5. Update of the website to help ease of use.
  6. Work among refugees and underground church.

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