This week we will learn about the healing of a paralyzed man and how Jesus has authority to forgive sin. We will be reminded how important it is for us to bring our friends to Jesus. The story is found in both Mark 2 and Matthew 9.

Some of the key points we will study are:

  1. Good friends bring people to Jesus. (Mark 2:3-4)
  2. Jesus knows what’s in our hearts – (Mark 2:6-8)
  3. Jesus has the power to heal and forgive sin. (Mark 2:10).

Jesus Heals and Forgives – Lesson Guide

Ask your child who their friends are. Talk about how friends are there for each other. Ask them the nicest thing they have ever done for their friend and the nicest thing their friends have done for them. Think about ways that people show their friends that they care about them. Explain that the friends of the paralyzed man wanted to help him get well. Talk about how they carried him to the house where Jesus was. Ask the child if they have ever been in a big crowd. (You may help them remember a time). Ask if they think it would be easy to carry a big bed through the crowd. The friends could have given up, but they persevered.

Talk about a time your child has wanted to give up. Perhaps they struggled to learn how to tie their shoes or make their bed. Explain that sometimes we have to think about another way to accomplish our goal. Create a simple puzzle using a plastic container. Place a coin in the bottom. Using string or rubber bands, create a mesh on the top with gaps that are wide enough for the child to put their hand in but not remove their fist. (The goal is for the child to not be able to remove the coin.) Ask the child to remove the coin without touching the strings. The child will try but not be able to remove the coin. When they fail, ask them if they can think if another way to get the coin out without touching the strings. Ask them if they want to give up. Encourage them that they can retrieve the coin, but that they need to think a different way. Assist them (if necessary) in realizing that the coin can be dumped out of the container. Note: Depending on the child’s age, you may choose to come up with a similar puzzle that better fits their abilities.

Talk about how you succeeded in removing the coin because you did not give up and you thought of a different way. Explain that the paralyzed man’s friends didn’t give up but found another way to take their friend to Jesus. Talk about how our friends need Jesus, too, to save them from their sins. Explain that we should be good friends and tell our friends about Jesus and invite them to church.

Talk about how Jesus knows everything. Ask the child to tell you what you are thinking. Allow them to guess, but don’t give hints. Continue the game and take turns. Explain that we have to guess what other people are thinking, but Jesus always knows. Talk about how even if someone says what they were thinking they might not be telling the truth. Think about how amazing Jesus is to always know our thoughts.

Ask the child if they remember what a miracle is. Talk about how some things are called miraculous when they are really just rare. Explain that although some people who have trouble walking can be helped by doctors, this man was instantaneously healed just because Jesus said so.

Point out that Jesus healed both the man’s physical problem and his heart. Ask the child if they can explain why it would be easier for Jesus to forgive sins than heal the man. Help them realize that it was because everyone could see whether the man could walk versus his sins being forgiven not being seen by others. Talk about how it is easier to say I love you than to do something (like cleaning one’s room without being asked) that shows love. It is easier to say I am patient than to wait without complaining about something we really want. Continue to come up with examples of ways that we can show versus just telling. 

Consider helping your child be a better friend by offering to take one of their unsaved friends to Sunday School or church. Talk about other ways your child can be a good friend and witness to their friends. Consider having your child earn money to purchase their friend a Bible or another activity that helps the child to begin to share Jesus with the lost. Select and commit to praying for a lost friend. Thank Jesus for providing a way of salvation. Ask Him to help you be a better witness for Him.

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and Activities


For this game you will need a few people.

The game is based on hide and seek. One person runs off and hides somewhere. Then everyone else must go and find them.

Once found, the person must join them and hide in the same place. It will become more difficult as more people try to hide in the same space.

Game continue until everyone is found.Remind the children how the room where Jesus was so full that no one else could fit inside.

Mat Carry

Use a blanket, towel or a mat to carry a soft toy around the room. Be careful not to drop the soft toy.

To make it more challenge add a route they must follow.

If in a group, you could also turn it into a race.

Speak about how the friends carried the man to Jesus.

Guess what I am thinking?

Take it in turns to think of an object or a person.

The other person should ask yes or no questions and try to guess what the other person is thinking.

Remember that you can only answer yes or no.Remind children that God knows everything, even our thoughts.


Bible Coloring pages – Jesus Heals and Forgives

Man Lowered Through the Roof Bible Craft – Includes free template and Memory verse

What you need:

  • Template pages on card
  • Coloring pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wool
  • Tape

What to do:

  1. Colour in the template pages.
  2. Cut out the house and man on mat
  3. Glue flaps on house to make 3D
  4. Adult: Make two small holes in the roof
  5. Tape 2 strips of wool on back of man
  6. Thread wool through holes in roof and tie. Allow enough wool so the man can be lowered.

Download the lesson


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