In this lesson, we’re going to learn about a wonderful future event described in the Bible: the return of Jesus. This lesson will help us understand what the Bible says about when Jesus comes back and what it means for us.

Key Points:

  1. Jesus’ promise to return and prepare a place for us.
  2. Jesus will return as a powerful, conquering King.
  3. The Day of Judgment and the Book of Life.
  4. The eternal joy for believers in Jesus.

Note: Adjust this lesson on Jesus’ return and Judgment Day to suit the emotional readiness of each child or group, while staying true to Biblical teachings. Be mindful of their age and sensitivity as you share these truths.

Lesson Guide – Jesus Returns

Begin by asking the children about promises. Encourage them to share any promises they have made or received. Discuss the importance of keeping promises and relate this to the promises Jesus made to us.

Transition to talking about the promises Jesus made. Prepare some cards with Bible verses like John 14:3, Revelation 19:11, Matthew 24:31, Revelation 21:1, and Revelation 21:4. Discuss how God always keeps His Promises, unlike people who might sometimes break promises. Give examples of prophecies relating to Jesus’ first coming and how they were fulfilled.

Introduce a ‘Contrast Mission’. Explain that we will find or name things that are quiet and small and then big and noticeable, like a mouse and an elephant. Share how Jesus’ first coming was as a gentle baby in Bethlehem and contrast this with His second coming, which will be grand and powerful, as a mighty King visible to all.

Show pictures of kings and queens and discuss what makes a good ruler. Connect this to Jesus’s return as a conquering king.

Explain Judgment Day in simple terms. Use the idea of scales to demonstrate the concept of judgment – balancing good and bad deeds. Emphasize that even small wrongs need judgment and that Heaven, being perfect, can’t have any sin.

Create a quick game of swapping with items or images. Present choices like swapping a new toy for unappealing food or a reward for a punishment. Use this to explain how Jesus exchanged our wrongs for His good, and if we trust in Him, our judgment is based on His perfect life, not our mistakes.

Have a discussion about what it means to be invited to a party. Have the child create an imaginary invitation list for a special event. They could invite the rich, good and famous. Explain that on Judgment Day, Jesus will open the Book of Life and check if our names are written there. Repeat that it’s not about our good deeds. We can’t buy a ticket or earn our way, but it’s a free gift through trusting in Jesus for salvation. If our names are in the book, it means we belong to Jesus and will be with God forever in a wonderful place.

Discuss the eternal consequences of accepting or rejecting Jesus’ salvation. Talk about their favourite things and draw them. Then, discuss things they don’t like, like getting sick or seeing unfairness. Conclude by describing the beautiful place God has prepared for those who believe in Him (Revelation 21:4), a place with no pain or suffering where we can enjoy being with God forever.

Jesus Returns – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

My Ideal Home

Provide paper and colouring supplies for drawing or building blocks and various craft materials for model making.

Ask the children to draw or build what they imagine their ideal home to look like.

Once completed, discuss each child’s ideal home and relate it to the wonderful home Jesus is preparing for us in Heaven, focusing on its beauty, peace, and joy.

Picture Hunt

Hide images or cutouts of symbols related to Jesus’ return, like a white horse, crown, gold, a book, clouds, etc.

Let the children search for these images, collecting them as they go.

After collecting the images, help the children arrange them to retell the story of Jesus’ return, with each child explaining the significance of the symbols they chose.

Swap Game

Set out a variety of items or picture cards, some desirable (toys, treats) and some undesirable (a piece of trash, a rock).

Children take turns choosing one desirable and one undesirable item, then ‘swap’ the undesirable for the desirable.

Discuss how this relates to Jesus taking our sins and giving us His goodness in return, emphasizing the gift of salvation through trust in Jesus.

Example pages

Example pages from 'Jesus Returns' Bible lesson for kids - featuring colorful worksheets and engaging coloring activities. Pages include a 'Trace and Colour' worksheet with illustrations of a horse and crown, a 'Find 5 Differences' game, and a 'Colour by Number' activity. Designed to enhance children's learning about the return of Jesus through interactive and fun exercises.

Jesus Returns – Bible craft for kids

What you need:

  • Template pages (use card for best results)
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • (Optional – craft knife for adult use)

What to do:

  1. Colour the template pages.
  2. Cut out the parts. Adult: Cut the dashed line.
  3. Fold and glue handle. Glue onto back of horse. Insert through the slit.

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