Welcome our Bible lesson on Nehemiah and his mission to rebuild Jerusalem. This lesson is designed for children aged 5 to 10.

In this lesson, children will learn:

  1. Concern for God’s Family: Through Nehemiah’s compassionate heart, children will learn the significance of caring for God’s family and the places we worship.
  2. Prayer and Action: Nehemiah’s story will reveal how prayer coupled with action can move mountains. We’ll discover the power of turning our concerns into prayers and our prayers into actions.
  3. Resilience against Discouragement: Learn from Nehemiah’s unwavering focus and determination not to allow others to derail God’s plan, emphasizing the importance of listening to God’s voice amidst adversities.
  4. Seeking God’s Help: Nehemiah’s humble petitions to God showcase the profound impacts of seeking divine help in our endeavors and challenges.

Inside the Nehemiah Lesson Pack, You’ll Explore:

  • Interactive Activities: Activities that will enhance your child’s understanding and appreciation of Nehemiah’s extraordinary journey.
  • Thought-Provoking Worksheets: Worksheets such as “Rebuild the Walls,” “Word Search,” and more, designed to help learning and scriptural understanding.
  • Narrative Story Pages: Delight in easily digestible and illustrated story pages showing Nehemiah’s faith and determination.
  • Crafts that Cultivate Creativity: Engage in crafts that foster creativity and enhance your child’s connection to the key lessons drawn from Nehemiah’s life.
  • Vibrant Coloring Pages: Allow children to express themselves and focus on the Biblical history.
  • And lots of additional resources and activities to immerse your child Scripture and learn Nehemiah.

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