Introducing a new set of prayer resources with scripture verses, videos and more specifically tailored for kids! They are designed to help children get into the habit of talking to God, learning scripture, and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Beautiful images, soothing music and word format all make these prayers engaging and encouraging for children's spiritual growth.

It is so important to help children develop a life of prayer. However, it can often be hard for them to put their thoughts into words. Short prayers for children are an excellent way to get kids into the habit of talking with God on a regular basis.

On this page, you’ll find simple yet meaningful short prayers that your children can use during devotional times, bedtime or any other time they want to talk with God. From thanking Him for His many blessings to asking Him for strength in difficult times, these prayers will help your child learn how to communicate with their loving heavenly Father and grow in their relationship with Him.

Each prayer is includes relevant Bible verses to the topic of the prayer. Bible verses are a powerful way for children to reinforce their prayers and find comfort in scripture.

To make the prayers more engaging, we’ve added beautiful and relevant images to accompany them in a video format. The videos are set to soothing music and will help children focus on the prayers. These short prayers are a great way for kids to get in the habit of talking to God and expressing their thoughts and feelings.

We hope that these prayer resources will be a valuable tool for families and churches and have a positive impact on children’s spiritual growth. 

Download the Prayers in PDF format

Thank you for this Beautiful World

A Prayer for When I Feel Scared

Thank You God for this New Day

Bedtime prayer for children: Thank God for the day that passed.

Dear God, Help me to make good choices

Dear God, I feel worried.

Dear God, Thank you for this food

“Dear God, I am sorry”

“Dear God, Thank You for my family.”

“Dear God, Thank You for the Bible”

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