In this lesson, we will learn about a special lady named Tabitha, also known as Dorcas, from Acts 9:36-42. She was a follower of Jesus who used her gifts to help others in her community and was faithful in doing good deeds.

Main Points:

  • We should use our gifts to bless others.
  • We do good because we are disciples.
  • God has the power to give life.

Lesson Guide – Tabitha

Begin the lesson by discussing the importance of kindness and helping others. Ask the children to share a time when they helped someone or were helped by someone else. Share your personal story about when you needed help or had someone help you.

Introduce Tabitha/Dorcas by explaining that she was a disciple, which means she followed the teachings of Jesus. Read the story of Tabitha/Dorcas from Acts 9:36-42 together. 

Discuss Tabitha’s kindness and discipleship. Talk about how Tabitha was known for her good deeds and how she used her talent for sewing to help those in need. Highlight how being a disciple changed the way she lived. Tabitha wanted to act like Jesus, and so should we. Discuss how she was full of good works and charity, not because she wanted to be a disciple, but because she was a disciple.

Play a game of ‘What Am I?’ Describe an object or animal by its function, and your child will need to guess what it is.

For example, “This thing gives light when it’s dark, and you can switch it on and off. What could it be?” In this case, the answer would be a “lamp” or “light”. If the child guesses correctly, celebrate their success! If they need help, you can provide additional clues until they figure it out. You can take turns, too, allowing the child the opportunity to describe something for you to guess.

Emphasize that our actions are guided by who we are, much like Tabitha. She did good works because she was a disciple, not to become one. She was being true to her nature, much like a dog barks because it is a dog, not to become one. 

Tabitha used her talents in a very special way. She was skilled in sewing and used this gift to help those who were often overlooked – the widows in her community. Talk about people often overlooked in your community and discuss ways the church does or can provide for them.

Ask the children to think about how to use their skills and resources to help others.

To illustrate the concept of helping others and using our talents, engage the children in a “Helping Hands” craft activity. Ask each child to trace their hand on a piece of paper and cut it out. On each finger, have them write or draw a way they can help someone else this week, just as Tabitha helped others. They can keep these “Helping Hands” as a reminder to act like Jesus and be disciples.

Talk about Tabitha’s death and resurrection. Explain that many people were saddened by her death because they loved and appreciated her kindness. Share how God used Peter to bring Tabitha back to life, showing His power and love. This also led to many believing in Jesus.

Discuss God’s gift of spiritual life. Just as Tabitha was brought back to life, God gives us spiritual life through Jesus. Talk about what spiritual life means and how we can experience it by following Jesus and showing His love to others.

End the lesson with praying. 

Tabitha – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

‘What Am I?’ Game

Expand on the fun guessing game called ‘What Am I?’ mentioned in the lesson guide, where you describe an object or animal by what it does, and the child has to guess what it is. Print out cards with pictures of different objects. Take turns to pick a card and describe what it does, while the other players guess what it is.

Simple Sewing Activity

Show your child how to sew a simple item. You may choose to find a video or book showing how clothes are made.

Depending on the child’s ability, help them to complete a simple sewing project. You can also practice some threading activities.

Giving to Charity

Sit with your child and explain the importance of giving to those less fortunate, just as Tabitha did in the Bible story.

Set up three boxes or bags, each labelled with ‘Clothes’, ‘Toys’, and ‘Food’.

Help your child sort through their old clothes and toys, putting the items they’re willing to donate into the appropriate boxes.

In the ‘Food’ box, help them place non-perishable food items that you have bought for this purpose. Once the boxes are filled, take your child to a local charity or donation centre where they can personally hand over the items.

Worksheets (Preschool)

Worksheets (5+ pack

Free Bible Coloring Pages – Tabitha

Craft: Sewing Coat

What you need:

  • Template page
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Wool
  • Hole Punch

What to do:

  1. Colour the template page.
  2. Cut out the coat. Use a hole punch to make holes around the edge of the coat.
  3. Thread the wool through the holes to make a sewing pattern. Tie the ends.

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