Hula Hoop Pass

Game Type: Relay Age: Any Number of Teams: Two or more Playing Area: Indoor or Outdoor Equipment or Supplies: Hula Hoops Object of Game: Pass the hula hoop around the circle How to Play: Divide group into two teams (or more, if you have a lot of players).Each team...

Octopus Tag

The “it” person tries to tag members as they run from one side of the room to the other. Those who are tagged become part of the “it” team by being an octopus.


Children will sit in a line on one side of the playing area. One person will sit in the middle of the room with their back to the groups. One child will slowly crawl up to the person and roar in his/her ear, then scurry back to his/her seat. The person in the middle gets one guess as to who the lion was.

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