Game Type: Relay

Age: Any

Number of Teams: Two or more

Playing Area: Indoor or Outdoor

Equipment or Supplies: Hula Hoops

Object of Game: Pass the hula hoop around the circle

How to Play:

  1. Divide group into two teams (or more, if you have a lot of players).
  2. Each team should join hands to form a circle or a straight line.
  3. Loop a hula hoop over the first child’s arm on each team.
  4. Without letting go of the hands of each person next to them, they must step into and through the hoop, and pass the hoop onto the next person. This is repeated around the circle or down the line.
  5. If hands are let go, the hoop moves back two places.
  6. The team which passes the hoop all the way around the circle first, without letting go of each other’s’ hands, is the winner.

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