January 2024 – Update from Trueway Kids

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Welcome to our first Trueway Kids update of 2024! We’re excited to share the latest encouragements and future plans for the ministry.

2023 review

As we start this new year, we are once again amazed at God’s faithfulness in 2023. The final visitor numbers for 2023 were 11,482,835. We are so thankful to partner with you all in teaching children the Bible.


We began the year with a significant upgrade to the website, transitioning and upgrading our server once again to handle increasing traffic.

We’ve already seen a 23% rise in visitors in January.


Along with these technical improvements, we have been working on a redesign of TruewayKids.com to enhance the usability of the site, making it simpler for users to locate the resources they need.

Over the past five years, our website has grown remarkably. From its simple beginnings for sharing preschool lessons, today, we offer lesson packs in five tailored versions (babies and toddlers, preschoolers, children aged 5+, teenagers, and inclusive formats). The site now features resources in over 45 languages, and has Holiday Club (VBS) programs, training modules, informative leaflets, and STEM-based lessons, among others.

This redesign is a major undertaking but is progressing well, ensuring that our valuable resources are easier to find and use.

Christmas Update:

Unwrap the true meaning of a perfect Christmas with our Bible program, specially designed for kids! 🌿 Exploring Jesus’ miraculous birth and its beautiful connection with modern Christmas traditions. Each session is brimming with engaging Bible stories, creative crafts, fun games, and meaningful lessons to illuminate young hearts with divine love and joy this Christmas! 🎄💖✨

Our new 2023 initiative, ‘Planning a Perfect Christmas,’ reached thousands of children globally. We’re privileged to have offered the program in seven languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Russian, and, notably, Albanian for the first time.

We ask for prayers for all the participating families and children, especially those who have started attending church following this program.

New Language

Çocuklarınızın İncil öğretileriyle büyümesini sağlayın. Eğlenceli ve etkileyici derslerimizle, çocuklarınıza değerler ve öyküler üzerinden İncil'in güzelliklerini öğretin.

It’s a true blessing for us to continually add new languages to our resources, especially where there’s a significant lack of Christian materials for children.

We’re excited to announce the addition of lessons in Turkish and Tamil.

Inclusive Bible lesson

Discover our Inclusive Bible Lessons for Kids, offering free, printable lesson packs suitable for various abilities and ages. Engage learners with special needs through our accessible, mixed-age group materials. New lessons added weekly.

This year, we’ve introduced Inclusive Bible Lesson Packs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Afirkaans and Indonesian, focusing on making Bible study accessible to children of all needs and abilities.

This initiative is a key part of our vision to help churches reach every child in their community. By offering resources that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. – Click here to learn more: https://truewaykids.com/inclusive-bible-lessons-for-kids/

New Module 3 in Our Learning Programs:

Free Preschool Learning Pack - Module 3: Moses, offering over 200 pages tailored for young learners. This module combines STEAM activities, Bible studies, and interactive tasks, making it a perfect fit for Christian families seeking a scripture-based educational foundation. Embrace a balanced, flexible learning approach and spark curiosity and creativity in your child. Download your comprehensive Christian homeschool resource today!

We’ve recently launched Module 3 in our educational series, blending educational and biblical learning, ideal for homeschooling and outreach efforts in places like refugee camps and prisons.

Focusing on Moses, this module is part of our goal to offer a full year of progressive educational content, including literacy, numeracy, and STEAM, all integrated with biblical teachings.

Click here to download: https://truewaykids.com/module-3-moses/

Goals for the Next Two Months:

  1. Weekly Inclusive Bible Lesson Packs.
  2. New Themed Program: We are excited to introduce a new themed program, For use as weekly sessions or a Holiday Club (VBS).
  3. Enhanced Bonus Lessons: We plan to release bi-weekly bonus lessons, along with filling in the gaps in our existing bonus lessons for the baby, toddler, and teen packs. These additional resources will offer more comprehensive learning opportunities and enrich our existing curriculum.
  4. Continuing Website Redesign in Multiple Languages: Ensuring those around the world can easily access and benefit from the resources.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support which is invaluable to us as we work towards these goals.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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