Welcome to Module 3: Moses’. In this module, we journey through the life of Moses.

Our comprehensive learning plan continues to build upon the numeracy, literacy, and diverse educational skills introduced in Modules 1 and 2. This module will focus on consolidating these skills while introducing new, interactive, and engaging activities tailored to the life of Moses.

Module Overview

  • 3.1 Baby Moses: Discover the early life of Moses and the remarkable events that shaped his future.
  • 3.2 Moses and the Burning Bush: Witness the divine encounter that sets Moses on his mission.
  • 3.3 Plagues of Egypt: In this part of Module 3, we journey through the story of Moses and the ten plagues as found in Exodus 7-12. In this section, we also introduce the fascinating history and culture of ancient Egypt, integrating it with lessons on numbers and an introduction to basic 2D and 3D shapes.
  • 3.4 Forty Years in the Wilderness: Traverse the challenges and lessons learned during the Israelites’ long journey to the Promised Land.

A Range of Learning Activities

Each sub-module is full of learning opportunities, including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities: Engage in hands-on, interactive learning both inside and outside your home.
  • STEAM Activities: Stimulate young minds with activities focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.
  • Bible Studies: Delve deep into the scriptures with thoughtfully crafted Bible study sessions.
  • Hands-on Tasks: Encourage practical learning with tasks that promote active participation and skill development.

We employ diverse teaching methodologies, encompassing numeracy, literacy, art, science, and sensory exploration, ensuring that every child’s learning style is catered to.

Discover What’s Inside

Dive into our lesson packs, each brimming with over 50 pages of rich content. With Module 3, you gain access to over 200 pages of engaging, educational, and spiritually enriching material.

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