Trueway Kids update – July 2022

Thank you so much for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement towards Trueway Kids. It continues to be such an encouragement to see how God uses these lessons throughout the World, and it is a privilege to serve with you.

Weekly lessons

It is such a joy to share the lessons each week and hear how they impact families and churches. We continue to work through the New Testament, adding new weekly lessons in four age groups 1) Baby and Toddler, 2) Preschool, 3) 5+ and 4) Teens. We are currently on lesson 31.

Bonus lessons

We’ve also added several bonus lessons for passages that didn’t fit into the weekly program.

We will continue adding extra lessons each month and prioritise requested lessons. So please do let us know if there are any lessons, you’d like us to make that would be helpful to you.


It is always a blessing to hear of new people and countries using the lessons. Allowing children to study the Bible in their own language is so important.

In the last two months, we have added our first lesson in Tanzania Swahili and 11 lessons in Filipino.

We have also begun translating our Old Testament lessons in Romani for the Roma population in Slovakia and making Messianic English.

We also have new translations scheduled for the next few months.

We currently have lessons available in 36 languages.

If you're looking for free, printable Filipino Bible lessons, you've come to the right place! Here at Trueway Kids we have a variety of lessons available for you to use, whether you're at home or at church. Each lesson pack includes a lesson outline, story, games and activities, worksheets, colouring pages, crafts and more. This makes them ideal for use in both formal and informal settings.

Holiday Clubs / VBS

Over the past few months, it’s been really encouraging to see and hear from churches using our VBS material to reach their communities.

Our newest Sea Explorers VBS has been downloaded 2686 times in English (plus 1000s of times in Spanish and Portuguese).

It has also been a massive blessing to share the Sea Explorers program in Chinese.

Several churches are using the Sports program alongside the commonwealth games, and our Football (Soccer) themed program alongside the Euro’s and World Cup run-up.

Please pray from the outreaches that will continue to be held throughout the summer in the UK, Canada, Ukraine, and throughout South America and Asia. Please also pray especially for those children who have made professions of Faith for the first time this summer. Many of whom are from non-churched families.


It is always so encouraging to hear testimonies from people using the lessons. Thank you so much for writing to us. Here are a few recent messages.

I thank you for your lessons. It has really helped me to give good material to the children as I try to teach them. – A

“Thank you so much for the brilliant work. Trueway kids saves my life every week. Children in our church love all the crafts and games ideas.” D

Thank you so much for your lessons, it really helps me a lot in teaching Sunday school children, and the Idea of making different lesson plan for different age groups was super amazing. Thanks so much for all the lessons, and God bless you. S

Thank you so much for all who have worked so hard to make all these great quality resources free to use worldwide. I am an Indonesian Sunday School teacher and have been truly blessed by these. God bless your ministry. R


05 Aug – Blind Man, 12 Aug – The Roman Centurion, 19 Aug – The woman that touched Jesus, 26 Aug House of Prayer, 02 Sept – Peter Walked on Water, 09 Sept – The Great Commission, 16 Sept – Pentecost, 23 Sept – Seven chosen to serve and 30 Sept – Philip.

Our next bonus lesson is on Mephibosheth and will be online in the next few days.


Thank you again for all your prayers, encouragement, and support for the Trueway Kids ministry. It is a blessing to serve with you and help children explore the Bible and grow in Faith.

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