Valentines day (love) Bible handout for kids – Free Printable

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the love we have for one another. For children, it’s an exciting holiday full of fun activities and sweet treats. But Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to remind kids of the greatest love of all – God’s Love!

With this free printable love Bible handout for kids, children can be reminded of God’s love. The handout contains powerful Bible verses that illustrate the depths of His love for us, as well as activities designed for kids.

Ideas for use:

For community outreach: Our free printable activity pages are perfect for outreach over valentines day. Hand them out to local families while inviting them to your services.

Give to children who attend your church for a service: Our activity handouts have lots of fun activities for kids to keep them busy during service.

Family time: Give a copy to your children or grandchildren over a special meal at home or waiting for food at a restaurant. Use those moments to learn about God’s love.

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