The Song of Solomon is a special song or poem in the Bible that celebrates love, beauty, nature, and friendship. Song of Solomon can be challenging for children due to the book’s romantic and symbolic nature. However, we must remember that all Scripture is God’s word, and while it’s primarily about love between two people, it ultimately reminds us of how much God loves each of us.

Key Points:

  • Nature’s beauty reflects God’s love
  • True friendship is a gift
  • Inner beauty is precious in God’s eyes
  • Words have the power to uplift or hurt

Lesson Guide – Song of Solomon

Begin with a walk outside. Talk about how the Song of Solomon mentions the beauty of nature, like flowers, trees, and animals. Ask your child to describe the colours, sounds, and feelings they experience. As you walk, remind them that just as they notice the beauty around them, the Song of Solomon describes nature’s beauty.

Play a soft, melodious song for the child. Ask them about the feelings they experience while listening. Talk about how the Song of Solomon also expresses deep emotions, especially about love and friendship.

Sit down with some thread and beads to make or show friendship bracelets. As you craft together, discuss the importance of friendship and how the two main characters share a special bond in the Song of Solomon. Talk about their own friends and what they love about them.

Using a mirror, ask your child to describe what they see. Explain how the Song of Solomon talks about beauty, but what God values most is the beauty inside our hearts. Discuss the meaning of inner beauty and kindness.

Share that the Song of Solomon is filled with kind and loving words. Take turns writing down kind words or compliments. Discuss how words have the power to make us feel loved and cherished.

Consider planting a seed in a pot with your child. As you water it and place it in the sun, discuss the patience required for the seed to grow and bloom. Just as the plant takes time to flourish, the Song of Solomon speaks of waiting and longing. You could also spend some time putting a Jigsaw together. Explain that we often have to wait for beautiful moments in life, and it’s through patience that we truly appreciate them. Talk about God’s perfect timing.

Play a game of “follow the leader”, discussing how shepherds in the Bible, like Jesus, guide and care for their sheep. Make the connection with the shepherd imagery in the Song of Solomon. Say that Jesus often referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd. In John 10:11, He says, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” Tie into the care and dedication described in the Song of Solomon.

Use flower petals, leaves, or coloured papers to create a nature-inspired artwork. As you craft, discuss the descriptions of beauty in the Song of Solomon and how God has made everything wonderfully.

Ask your child to imagine being in a beautiful garden, just like the one described in the Song of Solomon. Discuss what they might see, hear, and feel. Talk about how the garden and nature can remind us of God’s love surrounding and nurturing us.

As you conclude your lesson, take a moment to reflect on the overarching theme of the Song of Solomon: love. The Song of Solomon beautifully depicts love, but it’s more than just a romance tale; it mirrors God’s profound love for us. Song of Solomon 8:6-7 emphasizes love’s strength and endurance, hinting at the deeper love God offers. Encourage your child to remember that while we should strive to love others deeply and genuinely, our best example of perfect love comes from God Himself. And no matter how much love we experience or express in this world, God’s love for us is even greater.

Song of Solomon – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Turn your backyard or a nearby park into Solomon’s magnificent garden.

List down various natural items like a certain flower, a leaf, a rock, etc., for the children to find. You can use real items or hide pictures in advance. There is a checklist in this lesson pack. As they find each item, connect it back to the Song of Solomon.

Starry Night Painting

Give the child canvas or paper and blue, black, white, and yellow paints. Let them mix colours to paint a night sky, mentioning the Shulammite’s stargazing in the Song of Solomon. Then, have them dot the canvas with white or yellow for stars, adding glitter for twinkle.

Once they’re done, discuss the vast beauty of the night sky and how each star can remind us of God’s boundless love for every one of us. (Song of Solomon 6:10)

Emotion Dance Party

Play various tracks that evoke different emotions – from cheerful to sad, energetic party beats to slow lullabies. As each tune plays, encourage kids to dance matching the song’s mood – hopping for happy tracks or swaying for calm ones. After each, discuss their feelings. Relate this to Song of Solomon, emphasising how songs, like verses, evoke feelings. Remind them that God’s love is like a heartfelt song, stirring various emotions.

Worksheets (Preschool)

Free Bible Coloring Pages – Song of Solomon

Craft – His banner over me is love

What you need:

  • Template page
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden Stick

What to do:

  1. Colour the template.
  2. Cut out banner piece.
  3. Fold flap and glue in handle

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