Game Type: Group game

Age: All ages

Number of Teams: 0

Playing Area: large indoor space or outdoor

Equipment or Supplies: Fruit or pictures of fruit

Object of Game: To stay out of the middle.



Each member of the group will pick a fruit. There can be no repeats. For the remainder of the game, that person will be known for his/her fruit. One student will go in the middle. Someone in the middle will start the game. The person in the middle will try to tag the fruit that was called upon before they can call on someone else. If they do, the tagged student will switch places with him.



  1. All students will sit in a circle. Going around the circle, each student will pick a fruit.
  2. One student will go into the center.
  3. The play will start with the youngest student. The student will begin by saying the name of their fruit, then someone else’s fruit. (EX, if the student is “Watermelon”, she might say, “Watermelon Kiwi.”)
  4. The person she called on will then have to call someone else’s fruit. (EX. “Kiwi Orange”. Now it’s orange’s turn).
  5. The person in the middle will try to tag one of the players before he/she can call on another fruit.
  6. If she does, the two players switch places. The person that was in the middle starts the game.



FRUIT BASKET TURNOVER is a fun game to be playing while teaching about the importance of spiritual fruits. Below are a few examples

  • Matthew 7:15-20 – Jesus teaches that people know You by your fruit
  • Galatians 5:22-23 – The fruit of the Spirit


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