Thank you so much for your continued prayers, support, and encouragement for Trueway kids. It is such a privilege to serve with you in this ministry.

Below are some updates from the past month and some plans and prayer points for the next few months. Thank you so much for praying with us!

During March, we had 673,923 visitors, which brings the first quarter to 1,758,652.


Within days of the war starting in Ukraine, we received emails from neighbouring countries asking for Ukrainian translations of the lessons to use with Refugee families. The goal was to run the session in the local language but provide pages for the children in Ukrainian. So Polish and Ukrainian or Slovakian and Ukrainian.

At the time, we only had nine lessons in Ukrainian, but we’ve been able to translate all the New Testament preschool lessons over the past month. Some Old Testament lessons, baby and toddler lessons and lessons for teens.

It’s been such a blessing to see families and churches continuing to study the Bible together.


Over the past month, we’ve also shared our brand new ‘Sea Exploders’ program in English and Spanish (Portuguese coming soon). Designed to run as a holiday club or over 8 weekly sessions, this program aims to share the gospel message and introduce the Christian walk. Download the program here:


Here are some of the plans for the next few months. We are so thankful for your prayers.


Easter is an important time when we find many non-church families and public schools using the lessons and resources. Many will also use the Easter outreach leaflets and Easter story trail in their local communities. Please pray for the many children and adults who will learn the true message of Easter for the first time, and for churches as they reach out into their communities.


Over the next few months, we hope to finish all our preschool lessons in Ukrainian.

We are close to finishing the translation of all preschool languages in Khmer. We also hope to add a few new languages, such as Myanmar and Croatian.


We have several bonus sessions planned for the next few months covering Bible passages that wouldn’t fit into the weekly schedule.

These include Philemon, Psalms, Peter and John healing the beggar, and Balaam and Mephibosheth. Please let us know if there are any passages you would like us to cover.


We’ve begun to create additional web pages to split the age groups and make the lessons easier to find. This is a big project, so please do pray for it.


To follow along with our teen Bible studies, we are praying about adding an audible version of the studies in the form of a weekly podcast. We will start with a couple of sessions and see if they are helpful to teens and families studying the Bible. The first audible lesson will be on Friday, 8th April 22 – Jesus calms the storm.

Thank you once more for your prayers and support!

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