Welcome to our Bible lesson on the anointing of David, a young shepherd boy, as the next king of Israel! This lesson, drawn from 1 Samuel 16:1-13, is thoughtfully tailored for children aged 5 to 10 years old.

Key Lessons to Explore:

  • Finishing Well: Children will learn the importance of finishing well in life, just as David did. They’ll understand that faithfulness and perseverance lead to God’s rewards and blessings in the end.
  • Seeing with God’s Eyes: Through David’s anointing, children will grasp the profound truth that God looks at the heart of people and not their outward appearance. They’ll learn to appreciate their unique qualities and embrace the value of their inner character.
  • God’s Preparation: David’s journey as a young shepherd will inspire children to recognize that God uses the little things to prepare us for the big things in life. They’ll find comfort in knowing that every experience and task has a purpose in God’s greater plan for them.
  • Patience and Trust: David’s wait for God’s promises to unfold will teach children the importance of patience and trust in God’s perfect timing. They’ll learn that God’s plans are worth waiting for and that He fulfills His promises in His own time.

What’s Included in the Lesson Pack:

Our printable Bible lesson pack on David’s anointing offers a wealth of interactive resources, making learning an exciting experience for children:

  • Engaging Printable Worksheets: Interactive worksheets reinforce the key lessons, encouraging children to actively engage with the material and apply it to their lives.
  • Easy-to-Read Bible Story: A specially crafted retelling of David’s anointing, designed to captivate young hearts and minds, forging a deep connection with the characters and their experiences.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Guide: A step-by-step guide for parents and teachers, providing clear instructions to effectively present the lesson and foster meaningful discussions.
  • Exciting Craft Project: A hands-on craft activity that allows children to engage with the lessons learned. This creative project serves as a tangible reminder of Bible passage and their growth in faith.

Whether you’re a parent seeking to nurture your child’s faith or a Sunday School teacher preparing a meaningful class, our printable Bible lesson on David’s anointing is a valuable resource. We hope it will inspire and strengthen the faith of young hearts.

Get a glimpse of the captivating content and activities included in our David’s anointing lesson by exploring the preview below.

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