I think it’s fair to say we’ve all found ourselves in a place we never expected. The outbreak of the coronavirus has seen churches and school close their doors for the foreseeable future. Thankful there are numerous valuable resources online to help us continue to join in worship with others.

But this season also gives us as parents a chance to focus on our having a regular Bible time at home with our children.

Following our articles on How to have a Family Devotion Time with Your 2-5-Year-Old and God’s 6 steps to family devotions I wanted to share some TRIED AND PROVEN tips that work for other parents.

So, I asked some others on Instagram to share their best tips. Here are the results:

Read the actual Bible with your child

We have a ‘quiet time’/devotional each morning and family worship each night. My top tip would be read from the actual Bible-children understand more than we give them credit for and I find catechism is a great way of teaching key biblical truths-we include this in our family worship too 💟 -follow@ missionmotherhood_ on Instagram

Be creative

Be creative! Doing Bible time at home gives you a wonderful opportunity to use all kinds of interactive, hands-on learning techniques. If you’re teaching about Jesus’ death, grab a stem from a houseplant and twist together a “crown of thorns.” If you’re teaching about Noah’s ark, fill the bathtub and make a paper boat to float in it. If you’re teaching about David and Goliath, go on scavenger hunt in your backyard for the five smoothest stones you can find. And so on! Take advantage of how easy it is to make the Bible fun & interesting at home. Drop by BibleBaton.com for more creative teaching ideas! 😁

Follow @ biblebaton on Instagram

Weave it into your routine

Find a way to weave it into your routine. Whether that be reading a chapter from the Bible before bed, or listening to a Bible story during lunch, there’s a lot of fun ways to organically bring the Bible into everyday life. –

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Have a Bible Story Brunch

“We do a Bible Story Brunch each weekend. We have a different bible story that we look at each month (this month is Jericho), and we gather around the table together to share. Sometimes we will use toys (duplo, dolls, animals etc) to take turns telling the story back, sometimes we do colouring. Our boys (5yo & 2yo) love it so much!” – follow @ tanboardingacademy on Instagram

You don’t need to recreate church

Even just 10 minutes is sufficient, you’ll be amazed at how long you might last!

Follow @ jwlkate on Instagram (JWL also has a special FREE download available for this weekend. http://bit.ly/kids-church-at-home)

Let your kids move around

“Don’t panic if your little kids aren’t sitting still. Let them move around, it can help them focus.”

Follow @ ticiam on Instagram (Ticia site adventuresinmommydom.org also has a Bible curriculum with discussion questions for all ages, each lesson has tips on how to teach it.)

Do you have any great advice on holding a family Bible time to share with others? Leave a comment below or reach out on Social.

Free resources to help you study the Bible at home with your Child.

  1. Our site TruewayKids.com, has over 66 FREE Bible lessons ready to print and use at home with your preschoolers. As well as teaching Biblical trust they are designed to support educational development.
  2. Allstarkids club have an amazing FREE streaming service with loads of great family Christian viewing and it’s available on also every device.
  3. Anne Marie Gosnell over at Future Flyer Saucers ( Follow @futureflyingsaucers on Instagram) is giving way a free ebook copy Mateo’s Choice. It’s a kid-friendly witnessing tool and a great resource to have when kids are ready to respond to the gospel.
  4. Ron Brooks is sharing over 50 pages of family devotions, lessons, activities and conversation starters.
  5. Kidszmatter have made an incredible list of FREE resources from around the web.

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