Q1 Update – 2024 – Trueway Kids

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, our hearts are again full of gratitude. It’s been a time of growth and blessings, and we’re eager to share these moments with you and to give thanks for all that God is doing.

Introducing “Power of Prayer”

Explore "Power of Prayer," a dynamic curriculum designed to guide young hearts through the essence of prayer with biblical passages. Perfect for VBS, Sunday School, and retreats, it offers flexible, impactful sessions on prayer.

We recently shared our new program “Power of Prayer,” a series of twelve sessions exploring prayers found in Scripture. Its flexible structure and comprehensive toolkit support various settings and group sizes.

Our prayer is that this series will help children deepen their personal relationship with God through prayer. We believe that children who pray have the potential to change not only their own lives but also the nations and the world we live in.

The program is available to download in English, Spanish and Portuguese from: https://truewaykids.com/power-of-prayer/

Devotional Podcast

Palm Sunday Devotional Podcast - Weekly Podcast from Trueway Kids

Our son has started a weekly podcast that complements our Old Testament lessons, offering devotions and songs. Many of you know that we initially began Trueway Kids with the simple goal of studying the Bible at home with him. So, it’s such a blessing to see his growth in using his gifts for the Kingdom.

 Listen here:

Easter Outreach:

Free printable Easter Bible lesson. Covering good Friday through to Easter. Empty tomb craft, coloring pages, Easter Bible games and Activities for home. Ideal for preschool children

This Easter, we saw God’s hand moving as our lessons reached many new people, especially in schools, amongst non-churchgoers, and in various cities worldwide. Please do pray for the many who have heard the gospel for the first time.

Trueway Tots: Relaunch of Baby and Toddler lessons

Trueway TOTS - Bible lessons for babies and toddlers

At the heart of Trueway Kids lies the belief that every child, no matter how small, can and should have a chance to experience God’s profound love and the truth of the Bible. We’ve recently relaunched our Baby and Toddler lessons as: Trueway Tots. With this new initiative, we’ve introduced a refreshed brand identity, featuring a new logo and domain. We’ve already added a variety of new lessons tailored for babies and toddlers, with many more planned for the next months.

Scripture into Song

The importance of engaging children with Scripture cannot be overstated. While access to the Bible is easier than ever, the challenge of making its truth stick in a world that is opposed to truth has never been more significant. We recently started a new project of transforming Bible verses into modern, catchy songs.

These songs are designed to help children (and adults!) memorize Bible verses in an enjoyable and lasting way. Listen here (scroll down the YouTube playlist to find the Bible verse songs)

Strengthening Our Digital Walls:

In February, a sophisticated cyber-attack targeted at our servers, was an unsettling reminder of the opposition we face in spreading the gospel. At its peak, the attack bombarded our system with 11,000 hits per second, a deliberate attempt to silence the message of hope and salvation we are committed to sharing.

By God’s grace, we’ve not only recovered; but we’ve implemented enhanced security measures to safeguard against future attacks. These challenges remind us of our total reliance on God’s protection and provision, even as we utilize the best tools and practices to ensure the safety and accessibility of our resources.


Witnessing the doors swing wide open for our lessons in India has been nothing short of miraculous. The completion of our core Old and New Testament lessons in Hindi marks a significant blessing.

Furthermore, the New Testament translation into Tamil is nearly finished, and we are about to introduce another Indian language in the next few days. (can you guess what it is?)

To better serve our growing audience, we’ve moved our downloadable pdf files to a server dedicated to Indian traffic. This is just the beginning of a broader initiative to launch an Indian version of our site. 


Our reach in Indonesia has reached new heights with the completion of all preschool lessons in Indonesian, including the bonus lessons. We’re fully up-to-date with translating our inclusive lesson series and the accompanying training program focused on ‘Inclusive children’s ministry,’ embracing children with special and additional educational needs.

The excitement continues as we are in the process of translating our Baby and Toddler lessons into Indonesian. 

More updates and Thanks:

  • Launched our first VBS program, “Big Top Bible Heroes,” in Thai.
  • Numerous new Chinese Bible lessons, which is an answer to prayer after many requests.
  • Translation of our lessons in Finnish for the first time.
  • Witnessed God’s amazing grace in answering prayers and opening doors.
  • Welcomed new people to help with translation, enhancing our capacity to share the Bible with even more children around the world.
  • And so much more.

Thank you:

We are so grateful for each of you who have journeyed with us, partnering in our mission to bring God’s word to children across the globe. Your prayers, support, dedication and God’s unfailing grace make all this possible. 

As we look ahead, please continue to pray for Trueway Kids. Thank you for serving with us.

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