Power of Prayer – 12 Part Bible series for kids

Explore "Power of Prayer," a dynamic curriculum designed to guide young hearts through the essence of prayer with biblical passages. Perfect for VBS, Sunday School, and retreats, it offers flexible, impactful sessions on prayer.

Welcome to “Power of Prayer.” This series is an invitation to young hearts and minds to explore the essence of prayer through a dynamic and engaging curriculum.

Download for free via links at the bottom of this page (Also available in Português and Español)

“Power of Prayer” consists of twelve carefully crafted sessions, each focusing on a different biblical passage that highlights specific aspects of prayer.

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How to Use “Power of Prayer”

“Power of Prayer” is designed to fit a variety of settings and schedules. Whether it’s a traditional VBS/Holiday Club, a 12-week curriculum, a church retreat, or camp setting, “Power of Prayer” offers the flexibility to create an impactful prayer-centred experience.

  1. Traditional VBS / Holiday Club Format: Run the first five sessions consecutively to establish a foundational understanding of prayer, followed by the remaining sessions over seven weeks to deepen the children’s prayer life and engagement.
  2. 12-Week Sunday School Curriculum: Spread the sessions over 12 weeks, allowing time for reflection and application of each lesson.
  3. Church Retreat or Camp: Distribute the sessions throughout a retreat or camp for an immersive experience.
  4. Customized Schedule: Tailor the program to your needs, focusing on specific themes or combining sessions for intensive study.

Structure of Each Session

The structure of “Power of Prayer” is designed to be a comprehensive toolkit, flexible enough to accommodate various group sizes, time allocations, and resource availability. This approach gives leaders the freedom to customize their teaching to best meet the needs of their group. Each session includes:

  1. Bible Lesson Talk Guide: Connect a lesson on prayer that ties directly to the Bible story, aiding in comprehension and application.
  2. Easy-to-Read Bible Story: Presents the story in child-friendly language.
  3. Worksheets: Offers educational and engaging activities to reinforce the lesson.
  4. Group Games: Provides fun and collaborative learning experiences.
  5. Colouring Pages: Connects children creatively with the Bible story.
  6. Craft Ideas: Offers hands-on lesson reinforcement and a tangible reminder to take home.
  7. Memory Verse Activities: Makes Scripture memorization engaging, with take-home Bible verse cards.

The goal of each element is to equip you with a variety of tools to effectively communicate the lesson in a way that resonates with your group.

“Power of Prayer” is more than just a program; it’s an adventure into the heart of God through prayer. It’s about opening the door for children to experience the living God personally and profoundly.

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Free Download

Click on the session below to download the free pdf

0Introduction – READ THIS FIRST
1How to Pray: Learning from Jesus (The Lord’s Prayer)
2A Prayer of Honesty: Hannah’s Heartfelt Plea
3A Prayer of Wisdom: Solomon’s Insightful Request
4A Prayer of Guidance: Abraham’s Servant’s Petition
5A Prayer of Courage: Esther’s Brave Stand
6A Prayer of Consistency: Daniel’s Faithful Habit
7A Prayer of Repentance: Jonah’s Return to God
8A Prayer of Praise: Paul and Silas’s Joyful Worship
9A Prayer of Humility: The Tax Collector’s Modest Request
10A Prayer of Intercession: Abraham Advocates for Others
11A Prayer of Unity: The Early Church’s Joint Supplication
12A Prayer of Salvation: Simeon’s meets the Saviour


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