It is no secret to any believer that the Bible is more than a just a special book, it is an instrument to transform the lives of all those who read it. No matter the age of the person, the Bible changes minds, and attitudes, making life more beautiful. The Bible allows us to listen to God and know His will and purposes.

Biblical stories for children are an effective to help their learning and improve their behavior. Even though the passages were written many years ago, they remain so current.

By helping your child to have a habit of studying the Bible, he or she will develop great knowledge and understand God.

For school-age children, academic activities, exam pressure and extra-curriculum activities, tired them out. Therefore, after doing all the task, the little time remaining. In this case, as parents we should be careful and encourage our children spend their time wisely.

In any case, spending a few minutes before bed to read biblical stories to your children will bring many benefits and help you finish the day well.

More than a ritual

Family happy activity. Asian mother reading music book to their daughters sitting on the bed. She pressing button on the book making a sound interesting to the kids. The children looking with smile.

Reading a biblical story before bed is more than a ritual to prepare your child to rest. The short stories in the Bible possess a morality that has a positive impact on life. From reading Bible passages, your children will know how God saves people and how to love God.

In addition to strengthening bonds between you and your child, it gives your child the opportunity to strengthen his relationship with God by being able to know him more in his character, according to how the scriptures reveal Him. It will help your child hold a Biblical world view.

Recent research attributes greater powers to a bedtime reading routine. While you and your little child read of the Moses in the wilderness, Abraham’s faith, David’s wait to be king, they are actually driving the development of your child’s brain.

Neural research shows that, these routines, makes children learn much more than they think. In other words, children learn from improved logical skills to lower stress levels.

Language proficiency

An additional benefit of reading bible stories before sleep is how the child’s brain is reconnected to accelerate their language proficiency. Not only will your children know that God is always with them, but they will also be able to expand their language to express who He is.

If there are any difficult situations, you will be able to explain how God will come and help. This feeling and knowledge will improve their level of confidence and faith. Consider that, they can overcome all obstacles by knowing that God is with them.

By reading biblical stories with images, they can visualize the situation, and this helps them understand the meaning of the story. Remember that the more they understand the meaning, the more they can enjoy and apply it to life. Research has shown that images increase activity in the areas of verbal processing.

If you spend only a few minutes reading before bed for several weeks, your child’s brain activity will change to look like good readers.

Enrich vocabulary

To further improve a child’s language skills, parents can use reading time as a springboard for conversation. As your child to explain new words in the text and what they mean. You are offering to practice the correct use of language.

Over time, reading with the child will expand their vocabulary, even more than just talking to them will. This is because biblical stories can present children with diverse ideas and objects, such as camels or repentance, that are outside their direct surroundings and are therefore not part of their daily conversation.

One recommendation is to look for stories that contain particularly rich or colorful language.

Once again!

You may have heard this phrase because you’ve been your child’s favorite attempt to delay bedtime. But what parents may not appreciate is that reading stories repeatedly (biblical stories included) can help the child develop his or her logical skills and understanding.

The first time the children hear a story, they don’t grasp everything, but when they hear it over and over again, they begin to notice patterns and sequences, and realize that if a page says, “The Angel announced to Mary…“, the next page will talk about the birth of Jesus the Savior.

They will also learn to predict what will happen next based on their prior knowledge. In the future, these pattern recognition, sequence comprehension, and results prediction lessons will help children in other areas such as: math, science, music, and writing.

To practice, ask the child what he or she thinks will happen next or how a story would end differently. Experts suggest that parents continue this routine even in adolescence. By choosing more complex stories that are slightly above a child’s skill level, you’ll continue to expose them to new words to add to their vocabulary.

Let’s relax

Happy little boy sitting on bed with young parents, looking through book or magazine, playing with paper and smiling. Woman embracing her husband and reading for son

For better cognitive benefits from reading biblical stories before bed, your child’s experiences should be enjoyable. That is, more than anything you need to associate reading with emotional warmth, love and fun.

When children are comfortable and able to read aloud, it can reduce their stress levels. A child may experience various stressful situations, such as starting a new school.

In this sense, it makes sense that reading biblical stories while snuggling near a parent can comfort a child, thus reducing their cortisol levels to help them focus better. To relax before bed, snuggle up with your child in a comfortable place, with your favorite blankets and soft toys nearby.

Just think about how wonderful it is to have these precious moments to ready together., especially with Biblical content that transforms lives!

All of our free printable Bible lessons on Trueway Kids included a free printable story which can be used at bedtime and has supported learning activities to use throughout the week.

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