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In Genesis 12, God called Abram and Sarai (later named Abraham and Sarah) to move far away to a new land. God asked him to leave behind the comfort of home for somewhere new.

Key points:

  • We should always obey God.
  • We should trust God for the next step, even when we do not know the destination.
  • Faith involves both trust and action.

Lesson Guide – God calls Abraham and Sarah

Moving to somewhere new is always difficult. Whether a new home in a different country or a new class at school, it’s difficult to leave family and friends behind. We don’t like to leave the known for the unknown. Speak about a time you left for a new place. Ask your children about a time they went somewhere new. How did they feel?

Ask your child to help you build a tent. Use some blankets, chairs, or whatever you have. When finished, climb inside and read Genesis 12. At verse 4, come out of the tent as a sign of Abraham and Sarah leaving their home behind and trusting God.

Abraham is one of the major characters of the Bible and world history, so understanding these passages acts as a great foundation. Share how Abraham was a real person like us. He made mistakes. He felt happy and scared. God knows what we are really like and calls us to walk by faith and trust Him as we are.

Hide a small treat somewhere in the room. Tell your child you have a special reward for them. Ask them to go collect their prize. Instead of telling them where it is, give them step-by-step directions to get there. (For older children, you could also use a blindfold). For example, take two steps forward. Turn right and so on.

Share how God asks us to ‘walk by faith,’ and trust Him with each step.

Read and learn Hebrews 11:8. “By faith Abraham obeyed God.”

God told Abram of wonderful blessings that would come through obedience. Jump forward to Genesis 22:17-18 where God again tells Abraham that He will make Him a great nation. As numerous as the stars and the sand on the seashore. Show a picture of the night sky or give the children a handful of sand to feel.

In the next lesson, we will continue with the birth of Isaac. Explain how God did not only keep His promise by giving Abraham and Sarah a son, but this promise was most fully fulfilled in Jesus. Refer to Matthew 1. Through Jesus, every tongue and tribe can be blessed with the greatest gift of all.

God calls Abraham and Sarah – Bible story for kids

Games and Activities

Star Gazing

If you are fortunate enough to have a clear sky. Go outside and look up to the stars. Alternatively, you can search online for videos or photos.

Ask your child to imagine being Abraham or Sarah, when God told them that their family would become like the stars in the sky.

Sand play

Kids love to play with sand. Allow your child to play in a sandpit, on the beach or fill a container with some play sand.

At some point, you can try and count out ten grains of sand. Share again God’s promise from Genesis 22.

Build a Den.

Find some things inside or out to build a den. When finished why not use it to read this week’s story?

If you’re feeling really adventurous, pitch a tent in the yard.


God calls Abraham and Sarah – Coloring pages

Craft – Splatter paint scene – God calls Abraham

What you will need:

  • Dark paper or Card
  • Green or sand color paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush or old toothbrush
  • Template sheet
  • scissor
  • Glue

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