God has given each of us special gifts and abilities to serve Him. Everyone has an important role in the church. When the apostles became overwhelmed, they chose seven men to help them take care of people. The story of choosing these men is found in Acts 6.

Key Points:

  • God gives each person different gifts to serve Him.
  • We should take care of others.
  • God will provide helpers to do His work.

Lesson Guide – Seven Chosen to Serve

Lesson Walk through in English

When God created the world, He gave creation the tools they needed to survive in the environments where they lived. Select some animals and talk about the ways God has equipped them. Such as– God gave a polar bear a thick layer of blubber and a thick layer of fur to keep him warm in the snow. God gave ducks webbed feet to make it easier for him to swim. 

You may choose to do additional small experiments. Take a piece of plastic and cut into the shape of a chicken foot and another piece into the shape of a webbed foot. Put the different designs into water and talk about how they move.

Or put your hands into a bowl of ice-water. Talk about the cold. Now place a plastic bag inside of another plastic bag. Fill the layer created with butter. Use the clean bag as a glove. This time it will be warm (like blubber on an animal). God gave each animal the tools they needed to live.

Discuss a present that your child has given and one they have received. Talk about how it makes people happy when one uses the gift they gave. Ask the child if they would be happy if they received a toy but could never use it. Talk about how they would feel if you never used the presents they gave you. 

Read 1 Corinthians 12:4-5. God gives people gifts and tools, too. Discuss different gifts people have such as height, a good voice, the ability to preach. Talk about ways that people can use these gifts to glorify God. The tall person could reach things on high shelves of supermarkets, etc. 

Talk about gifts that your child has. Talk about ways they can use their gifts to help others. If they have strong legs, maybe they can run errands for their parents or grandparents. They can use their voice to pray for people. Strong fingers can make cookies for people. Select one of the gifts your child has and arrange a place and time they can use that gift to help others. You may also choose to create a helper jar. Decorate a jar or other container with your child. Then write down tasks that can help people e.g. Decorate a get-well card. Bake cookies for a neighbor. Etc. Each week, select one task to be done. Each time remind the child that God has given gifts so we can help others. 

God chose the seven men as special helpers, and everyone prayed for them. We are God’s helpers, but we also should pray for God’s other helpers.

Video Bible story for children – Seven Chosen to Serve

Free Printable Bible Story – Seven Chosen to Serve

Bible Time video

Games and activities

I choose you to

Point to someone and say, “I choose you to ________________” and then give him an instruction. He then does that instruction and points to someone else. For example, I choose you to jump up and down. Or I choose you to spin around.

Talk about how the seven helpers were chosen for a special job and how God has an important role for us.

Serve out food equally

At meal or snack time, ask your child to be responsible for sharing the food for everyone. You could use one item such a pizza, or grapes. Alternatively, you could create a fruit salad and ask them to share equally the grapes, apples slices, strawberries and so on.

Remind your child how the early church shared everything they had with each other.

Find seven

In this game, children must search and find seven of an object. For example, if you say leaf, the child must find seven leaves. With more children, you can make it a race to return the seven items to you the quickest.

You could also play the game in a car ride. You can ask the children to name seven items which are blue or seven objects that begin with ‘a’.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Seven Chosen to Serve

Craft – Food jigsaws

What you need:

  • Template pages (on white card for best results)
  • Colored paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What to do:

  1. Decorate each circle as a plate of food. Pizza or cake work well. Color or glue on items. Or use coloring pages provided.
  2. When dry, cut along lines to make parts.
  3. Mix everything together to make a jigsaw.

Seven Chosen to Serve – Craft

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