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Throughout the Old Testament, many stories are pictures of the Messiah. One such story is the testing of Abraham found in Genesis 22.

Key Points:

  • All of the Bible points to Jesus.
  • We must obey God.
  • God knows our hearts.

Lesson Guide – Abraham & Isaac

Ask the child what it is they value most in their life? What would they do if God asked them to give up the thing they value most as a sacrifice to Him?

The Old Testament points to the coming of the Messiah. Some examples are. 1) God promised Eve in the garden that her descendent would defeat Satan. 2) The Passover lamb and  3) Jonah’s three days in the belly of the fish. Give other examples. Many times, we can see parts of the story of Christ in the Old Testament.

Tell your child that you are going to make a cake together. Show them the recipe (a photo would be best). Make the batter together, and point out how it looks. Point out the ingredients. As the cake bakes, point out the smells. When the cake leaves the oven, show it to the child. Ask them if the cake is a complete surprise. Ask them to help you identify some of the signs that the cake was coming. Did they smell it baking? Did they see the batter? Did they grease the pan? Did you promise its arrival?

People in the Old Testament knew that a Messiah was coming, but they did not always realise that the stories of their lives were like fuzzy reflections of Jesus’ story.

God asked Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice to Him. Can you think of another time that Someone sacrificed their Son in the Bible? Abraham was very sad. Do you think he wanted to do as God asked? No. But he knew that he had to obey God because He knows best.

Is obeying God always easy? Sometimes, it is very hard. Tell your child that to obey you they must play with their favourite toy for ten minutes. Was it easy to obey? Now, tell your child that to obey you, they must not even touch their favourite toy for the next hour. Which was easier to obey?

Abraham knew that God had said it would be through Isaac that He would keep His wonderful promise. Abraham had absolute trust in God.  He trusted God so much he knew that, even if he killed his son, God had the power raise him from the dead and keep His promise.

Abraham didn’t end up sacrificing Isaac in reality. An angel of the Lord stopped him, but God knew that in his heart, he had obeyed God. God provided a ram as a substitute. God has provided Jesus as our substitute.

With your child’s help, fill some plastic eggs (or wrap items in foil and mark with ribbons.) Fill each colour of egg with a different candy, some of which your child likes and others that you like. Put all the eggs into a basket and tell your child to pick one. Point out that they can pick the egg with their favourite treat inside, since they know the egg’s “heart.” In the same way, God knows what is inside our hearts.

Read and memorise I Samuel 16:7. “The Lord looks at the heart.”

Abraham & Isaac – Bible story for kids


Abraham & Isaac – Coloring pages

Craft –God will provide the Ram.

Craft – God will provide Abraham and Isaac Bible craftr

What you need:

  • Template page,
  • Colouring pencils,
  • Glue,
  • Cotton wool.

What to do:

  1. Colour the template page
  2. Cover the ram in glue
  3. Stick cotton wool over the ram. Allow to dry.

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