While on earth, Jesus healed many people. In John 9: 1-42 He heals a man born blind in an unusual way.

Key Points:

  • We need spiritual sight.
  • We live in a fallen world.
  • God works in different ways.

Lesson Guide – The Blind Man

Review the five senses: Touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. Tell your child today we are going to learn about a blind man. That means someone who cannot see. 

Describe some objects you can see in your room. Ask your child to look around and guess what object you are describing. Share how sight is a wonderful gift from God. Speak about some beautiful things you can see with your eyes.

Share how it was extremely hard to be blind in Jesus’ day. Blind people often had to beg for food and money. Speak about how when the disciples saw the blind man, they ask Jesus whose fault it was that he was blind.

Introduce your child to cause and effect. Speak about how actions have consequences, both good and bad. Young children will be able to have a basic grasp on cause and effect. Use the word “because” in a sentence. For example, in “I ate an apple because I was hungry.” Allow your child to drop an object. Show that the object fell because they left it go. 

Explain how sometimes we do things that make bad things happen, but often things happen not because of what we do but because we live in a fallen world. Review Adam, Eve and The Fall.

Ask your child if they remember any ways that Jesus healed people in the Bible. He spoke, He prayed, He touched them. Read John 9:6. Explain that God works in different ways and often ways which we don’t always understand.

Speak about how the man obeyed Jesus and washed his eyes and his sight returned. We must always obey God even when the request seems unusual.

Share how the man was not scared to share what Jesus did in his life, even when others rejected him because of it. 

Share a testimony of something God has done for you and / or your family. Remind your child that we should always share what God has done in our lives even if others don’t believe us or reject us.

Read Luke 9:35-41. Share how Jesus told the religious leaders that just like the blind man needed physical sight, people need spiritual sight.

Pray together and ask God to open the eyes of your heart and help you to worship Him.

Video lesson for children

Free Printable Bible Story

Games and activities

Mud Kitchen

Over recent years mud kitchens have increased in popularity. A quick online search will help you understand many of it’s benefits.

Kids love messy and sensory play and will splosh around in mud and water for hours.

Help them to create recipes and get involved in imaginary play.

Speak about how Jesus made mud to put on the blind man’s eyes. Show that there is nothing special about the mud, but that Jesus healed the man.

What’s in the pillowcase

Find a selection of safe objects your child will be familiar with. When they are not looking, place one inside a pillowcase.

Allow your child to feel around inside the case and try to guess what the object is without seeing it.

Remind your child that the blind man could not see. Speak how this made many things more difficult for him.

What’s that sound?

Find a selection of music instruments, toys or objects that make noise around your house. First allow your child to make a sound with the object.

After they have tested all the sounds, ask them to move to somewhere where they can hear you but not see you.

Make a sound with one of the objects and have them guess which object it is.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – The Blind Man

Craft – The Blind Man

Jesus heals the blind man - easy bible craft for kids

What you need:

  • Template page 
  • Colored pencils,
  • Scissors.
  • (Optional: craft knife)

What to do:

  1. Color the template page.
  2. Cut out template. Adult: Cut slots for eyes.
  3. Insert the eye strip through slots.

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