Paul and his friends as they travelled far and wide, sharing incredible stories about Jesus. In this lesson, we will learn about an extraordinary group they met called the Bereans from Acts 17:10-15.

Main points:

  • The Bereans’ excitement in receiving God’s word.
  • Why studying the Bible in groups is important.
  • How the Old Testament talks about Jesus.
  • The importance of double-checking things with the Bible.

Lesson Guide – The Bereans

Explain that Paul, Silas, and Timothy were travelling and sharing the good news about Jesus. Some people welcomed the message, while others hated it and caused trouble for Paul and His friends. On Paul’s second missionary journey, they visited a place called Berea. Here, they met a special group of people called the Bereans.

Use a map or globe and let your child locate Berea. Many Bibles will include maps on the back pages, or you can look online.

Place a wrapped gift on the table. Ask questions like, “Do you see this gift on the table? What do you think might be inside?” Allow their imaginations to run wild with guesses. Then, heighten their eagerness by offering a choice: “Would you like to open it right now, or would you prefer to leave it wrapped?” Once they inevitably choose to unwrap the gift and find the treat inside, seize this teachable moment. Hold up a Bible and draw the parallel: “Just as you were thrilled to discover the treasure inside this gift, the Bereans were similarly excited to open the wonders of God’s Word. Whenever we explore the Bible, it’s like unwrapping a cherished gift. Emphasize the immense value of the Bible and how it teaches us about God’s ultimate gift of eternal life through Jesus.

Talk about how the Bereans respected Paul but valued the truth even more, so they checked everything he said against the Scriptures. Present the children with statement cards, some true and some false. Read a statement card aloud and then compare it to a Bible passage to let the child see if the statement is true or false. For example, Jesus was born in Bethlehem – Matthew 2:1 (True) or Peter was a tax collector – Matthew 4:18 (False).

Teach the child the ‘Safety Check Approach’ to listen to others. Say that before we cross the street, we always stop, look, and listen to ensure it’s safe. We should do something similar with things we hear about God. We should ‘stop’ and think, ‘look’ in our Bible, and ‘listen’ to what it says to ensure it’s correct. Repeat together, “Stop, look, listen”.

Talk about how the Bereans didn’t have individual Bible but a scroll, which they would study together. Place a puzzle on the table in bits and complete it as a pair or group. Talk about how sometimes you find the right piece, and at other times, someone else spots it. When we work together, the picture starts to come together more quickly. Like the puzzle, when we study it at church, in Sunday School, or with our family, it’s like each of us is finding and adding pieces. By working together, we can understand God’s message for us much faster and clearer.”

Open a Bible and show how it’s divided into the Old and the New Testament. Say that the whole Bible is God’s word. The Bereans only had the Old Testament. But they were still able to discover the truth about Jesus. Read some Old Testament Bible verses that talk about or point to Jesus, such as Micah 5:2, Isaiah 53, Psalm 2, etc.

Ask your child how often they eat. When they say, ‘every day,’ discuss why we need food daily. Just like our bodies need food daily to grow and be strong, our spirits need God’s Word daily. The Bereans understood this. They didn’t just read the Scriptures once in a while; they read them every day! When we read our Bible daily, our understanding and relationship with God grow stronger.

The Bereans – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

The real thing treasure Hunt

Provide children with pictures of various objects hidden around the room. Once they find the real item, gather and discuss how the Bereans searched the scriptures to see if Paul’s teachings were real, just like they searched for the objects.

True or False Challenge

Read out various statements.

Some can be silly or funny.

If children think it’s true, they stand up; if they think it’s false, they sit down.

After the game, discuss how we can verify what’s true – from checking facts in books to asking knowledgeable people.

Emphasize that the Bible is our most reliable source of truth.

Daily Scripture Chart

Provide children with a calendar or chart and stickers.

They can place a sticker on each day they read or hear a Bible story.

This emphasizes the Berean’s dedication to daily scripture study.

Worksheets (Preschool)

Free Bible Coloring Pages – The Bereans

Craft – Your Word is Truth Bookmark

What you need:

  • Template pages (on card for best results)
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: clear plastic

What to do:

  1. Colour in the magnifying glass. You will need 2 per craft.
  2. Cut out the Magnify glass. Optional: Cut out the inner circle and place in clear plastic
  3. Glue both sides of the magnifying glass together to make a bookmark.

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