Last week, we studied the lesson of Daniel and his friends standing up for God. This week’s lesson looks at Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The Bible text is found in Daniel 6. The key points we will focus on are:

  • Sometime people will try to trick us because we love God.
  • We should be faithful in prayer.
  • God is always able to protect us.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den – Lesson Guide

Remind your child of last week’s lesson. Talk about how Daniel and His friends stood for God. Explain that God continued to be with Daniel as he lived his life. Remind the child that God will never leave or forsake His children.

Explain to your child that prayer is talking to God. Discuss people to whom they enjoy speaking. Think about how if you love someone you want to talk to them. Point out that Daniel loved God, so he wanted to speak to Him.

Talk about how the evil men jealous of Daniel and so trick the king into making a law so that Daniel was no longer allowed to pray to God. were Ask the child if they would be happy if someone told them they could never talk to you or someone else they love again. Remind the child that God is pleased when we pray, and Daniel chose to obey God rather than man. Read Acts 5:29 together and, if possible, memorize it. You may also begin teaching your child the Lord’s Prayer as an example of how to pray.

Talk about ways we can pray. Explain how we can pray aloud or in our heads. Point out that God can hear our thoughts. You may play a game of “I spy” with your child. As you either guess (or fail to guess) different items, remind the child that God knows our thoughts and can hear prayers even if we say them in our heads. God doesn’t need to guess what we are thinking. Talk about how some people write or draw prayers.

Talk about how evil men wanted to trick Daniel and made him choose between obeying man or obeying God. Remind the child that if we must choose between obeying God or man, we should always obey God. 

If possible, take your child to a duck pond or petting zoo. You may either take small cut vegetables, oats etc to the pond or purchase food at the petting zoo. (Be sure to follow local laws and avoid feeding animals anything that may harm them). As you feed the birds, fish, or other animals, point out how eager they are to eat the food. Talk about how hungry animals will eat the food they find. Talk about people eating when they are hungry.

Ask the child if they would turn down eating their favourite foods if they were hungry. Remind the child that the lions were hungry, but that God closed their mouths and made them not eat.

Reflect on how God saved Daniel from the Lion’s and how Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Praise God together that nothing is outside of His control. Pray with your child and thank God that He is in control. Ask Him for help to always obey God rather than man.

Printable Bible Story

Games and Activities

Sleeping Lions

This is a classic game your children will likely already know how to play. Everyone (except one or two hunters) lie down on the floor in sleeping positions. Once the game starts the lions are not allowed to move. The hunter must walk around the room, trying to spot a moving lion. They can make jokes, funny noises or actions to try and make a lion laugh. If the lion moves, they also become a hunter.

Roar like a Lion

One person faces the wall. Everyone else stands somewhere in the room behind them.

The people behind take it in turns to roar like a lion. The person facing the wall must try and guess who is making the roar.

Prayer buckets

Turn a large container into a mini prayer bucket. Have the child draw someone or something they want to pray for on a square piece of paper. After they draw the person or thing they want to pray for, direct them to drop it in the prayer bucket.

Try to schedule three time a day the child should pick an item to pray for from the bucket. An easy way would be, breakfast, meal-time and before bed.

For more creative prayer ideas visit our blog post: (English)

Bible Worksheets

Daniel and the Lion’s Den Coloring Pages

Lion Mask Craft

What you need:

  • Template page printed on white card
  • Strips of orange and yellow paper.
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Colouring pencil
  • Lollipop stick

What to do:

  1. Cut out the lion’s face from the template page. Adult: Cut out the holes for the eyes.
  2. Colour in the lion.
  3. Glue stripe of orange and yellow paper around the outside, on the reverse of the template, to make the mane.
  4. Glue on a lollipop stick as for a handle.

Daniel Prays at the Window craft

Download the lesson


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