5 Ways to use the Christmas Character Cards

Advent Calendar Hide and Seek

There are 25 cards included in the lesson. Hide one card in a new place around your home each day. Each day, your child can find a new character card and add it to their collection.

Story visual aids

Use the cards as visual aids while reading the Christmas passages from your Bible. Ask your child to point or hold up the matching item whenever it is mentioned in the passage. You could also use the cards to act out the story.

Matching pairs game

Print two copies of the character cards. For best results, glue some coloured paper onto the back before cutting so that you cannot see through the card / paper. Turn cards upside down. Take turns to turn two cards over at a time. If the cards match, the player gets to keep them.


Print at least two copies of the character cards. Shuffle the cards and share out between players. Take turn to turn over the top card and add it face up to a central pile. If picture match, the player calls snap and wins all the cards in the pile.

Who am I? Yes or No

Player picks one card from the pile. The other players must ask questions to guess what is on the picture. The player with the card may only answer yes or no. The first person to correct correctly wins.

Have any other ideas of how to use them? Send us a message, we’d love to share your ideas with others.

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