In this week’s lesson, we are going to be focusing on the second of King Solomon’s wisdom books, the Book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is an often-overlooked book when teaching preschoolers from the Bible, yet it contains so much wisdom for us at any age. Some of the main things we will learn are:

  • The importance of remembering God
  • Chasing the correct things.
  • The order that God put into his creation

Ecclesiastes lesson guide

Being by reminding your child of what we have learned about King Solomon so far. Remind them how he asked God for wisdom, and how he shares his wisdom with others.

Explain to your child that King Solomon was not only wise, but he was also very rich and famous. He could have anything he wanted in the world. Tell them how King Solomon went on a quest to find what would really make him happy and he wrote about his discoveries in this book.

Ask your child what things they think would make them happy? You could make a list together.

Using some bubble mix, blow some bubble in the room and have your child try to catch the bubble with their hands. Talk about how the bubbles burst, most straight away and some in a little while. Say how King Solomon discovered that things are like bubbles. He chased all sort of things but found they all burst and didn’t keep him happy for long. Give an example of something that you wanted because you thought would make you happy, but later found it did not.

Talk to your child about the cycles in nature. You can use Ecclesiastes 1 as a reference. Speak about how the sun rises and sets, speak about the water cycle and so on. These are great topics to recognize God’s order in creation as well as help their educational development.

Reading Ecclesiastes 3 share that one of the discoveries that King Solomon made was that there are different times for different things. Create your own list of time for… and have your child fill in the opposite. For example: A time to play; A time to tidy up. A time to be loud; A time to be quiet and so on.

In Ecclesiastes 4:9 Solomon says that two is better than one. Think of some activities that you can do together or split your children into small groups. Explain how it is both easier and more fun to work together to do things. Thank your child for the times they help you.

Ecclesiastes 12 summarises the most important lessons Solomon discovered. Verse 1 tells us how important it is to remember God while we are still young. Speak about ways that your child can remember God in their daily life. Praying before a meal, obey him, and so on.

Pray together and ask God to help you remember Him in everything you do.

Here are some ideas to help your child apply some of the lessons they have learned from the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes Bible Story for Kids

Games and Activities

Take a Season Walk

Go for a walk outside and talk about the changes you see in nature. Are the leaves changing color? Are there nuts on the trees? Berries?

Maybe there are new flowers? How about the temperature. You could take a camera to photograph your findings or collect items to make a Season collage with leaves etc.

Scatter and collect stones

This is a fun game to burn off some energy. Have one person scatter stones around a space. (You could use items to pretend to be stones, or use the painted stones from the David and Goliath lesson.) Time each other to collect the stones as quickly as possible.

Water Cycle Bottle

Using an old plastic bottom draw on it some clouds, the sun, and some waves with a permanent marker. Fill the bottom to about 1/3 with water or a water and blue food coloring mix. Close the bottle and leave in a sunny position. Observe how the sun heats the water, it hits the top and then falls back down. Explain to your child how something similar happens in our water cycle.

Worksheets included in the lesson

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to help your child learn and remember Bible lessons and verses. To help remember Ecclesiastes 3:1, we made the simple clock craft, which can also be used to help teach your child the time.

A Time for Everything – Preschool Bible Craft

The lesson includes a free printable template.

Coloring pages

Here are the free printable coloring pages included in this week lesson. The Paper wheel reminds children that the wind blows around and around as taught by King Solomon. The other two help to teach memory verses from Ecclesiastes.

Download the lessons


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