Welcome to our Bible lesson on Esther, an woman used by God to accomplish extraordinary things. This specially designed lesson, suitable for children aged 5 to 10, invites young hearts to explore the book of Esther and discover divine truths a through a story steeped in courage, faith, and God’s sovereign power.

Key points:

  1. God’s Unseen Workings: Dive into the realization that God is ceaselessly at work behind the scenes, orchestrating events even when His presence seems hidden.
  2. God’s Justice: Discover the divine justice of God, who knows the secretive plans of the wicked and assures that judgment and righteousness will prevail.
  3. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Plans: Uncover the wondrous ways in which God uses ordinary individuals, like Esther, to unfold His miraculous plans and purposes.
  4. The Power of Faith and Courage: Esther’s boldness will inspire the realization of the essential need for faith to courageously speak out for God when called upon.

Inside the Esther Lesson Pack, You’ll Explore:

  • Interactive Activities: Immerse in delightful activities that instill profound truths from Esther’s story, making learning both enjoyable and insightful.
  • Creative Worksheets: Engage with worksheets like “Esther’s Crossword,” “Royal Banquets planning,” and other innovative exercises that support scriptural learning.
  • Vivid Story Pages: Experience Esther’s saga through rich illustrations and storytelling.
  • Inspiring Craft Projects: Dive into heartwarming crafts that serve to bolster the connection to the essential teachings and wonders unveiled in Esther’s story.
  • Expressive Coloring Pages: Engage in expressive coloring pages that invite creativity while reinforcing the rich narratives and lessons of Esther’s life.
  • And Much More: Explore lots of additional engaging resources that ensure a comprehensive, enriching learning adventure through Esther.

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