Welcome to our Bible lesson pack on the incredible account of Gideon from Judges 6. This pack is specifically designed for kids aged 5 to 10 years old.

Lessons to Discover:

  • Discovering God’s Perspective: In the story of Gideon, we learn that God sees us differently than how we see ourselves. We’ll explore how God’s view of us can empower and encourage us to accomplish great things.
  • God’s Unfailing Presence: Gideon’s story teaches us that God never forsakes His people. We’ll delve into the unwavering presence of God in our lives, even during challenging times, and find comfort in knowing that He is always with us.
  • Answering God’s Call: Just as God called Gideon to accomplish a special task, we’ll learn that God calls each of us to fulfill the unique purposes He has for our lives. We’ll discover the joy and fulfillment that come from following God’s call.
  • Courage through God’s Strength: With God on our side, we do not need to be afraid. Gideon’s story will show us how God’s strength enables us to overcome fear and face challenges with confidence.

Comprehensive Lesson Pack:

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Interactive Printable Worksheets: Fun and educational worksheets that reinforce the main points of the lesson and allow children to actively participate in their learning.
  • Bible Story Narration: A captivating retelling of Gideon’s story that is easy for children to understand, enabling them to connect with the events and characters on a personal level.
  • In-Depth Lesson Guide: A detailed guide for parents and teachers, providing step-by-step instructions, thought-provoking discussion questions, and additional activities to enrich the learning experience and encourage deeper exploration of the lesson’s themes.
  • Creative Craft Project: An exciting hands-on craft activity that allows children to create a visual representation of Gideon’s story. This craft will serve as a tangible reminder of the important lessons they have learned and can be proudly displayed as a symbol of their growing faith.

Whether you are a parent fostering faith-based discussions at home or a Sunday School teacher preparing for a class, our Gideon Bible lesson pack has a resource for you.

Take a sneak peek at some sample pages below to get a glimpse of the content and engaging activities included in this lesson.

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