In this lesson, we will learn about Miriam, the sister of Moses, who played an important role in the story of the Israelites. Miriam’s life can be found in Exodus 2:1-10, Exodus 15 and Numbers 12.

Key Points:

  • God uses our words.
  • The important of praise and worship.
  • The danger of complaining.
  • God gives us second chances.

Lesson Guide – Miriam

Begin the lesson by asking the child if they have ever had to take care of something very important. Share a personal story of when you had to take care of something important to help them relate.

Introduce Miriam by explaining that she was Moses’ sister and played an essential role in his life. Read the story of Miriam’s life together.

Discuss with your child how Miriam helped save her baby brother Moses from the Nile River. Explain how God used her courage and wisdom to protect Moses. Ask the child to think of a time when they needed courage to do something difficult and share their experience.

Create a craft activity where the child can make a small basket or boat using simple materials like paper, cardboard, or popsicle sticks. Use this craft to act out the story of Miriam saving Moses from the Nile River. Explain how Miriam’s bravery and quick thinking helped to save her baby brother.

Talk about how Miriam spoke to Pharaoh’s daughter and helped reunite Moses with his mother. Explain how God can use our words to bring about good things. Have the child think of something encouraging they can say to someone this week and practice saying it together.

Discuss with your child how Miriam led the people of Israel in worship after crossing the Red Sea. Explain the importance of praise and worship. Talk about how it helps us to thank God. Ask the child to create their own worship song or prayer that they can share with you or their family.

Play a game of “Red Sea Freeze Dance” where the child dances to worship songs and freezes when the music stops. Encourage them to use different dance moves to express their joy and thankfulness.

Talk about how Miriam complained about Moses’ wife and was punished with leprosy. Explain that complaining is not pleasing to God and can have consequences. Have the child think of a way they can turn their complaints into something positive, such as finding a solution or expressing gratitude for what they have.

Discuss how Moses prayed for Miriam, and she received a second chance. Explain how God is always willing to forgive us when we ask Him. Have the child think of something they need forgiveness for and ask God to forgive them together.

Introduce the concept of a gratitude journal for your child. Encourage them to write or draw something they are thankful for each day. This practice will help them develop an attitude of gratitude and focus on the positive things in their lives.

End the lesson by praying together, thanking God for the people in our lives who help us, and asking Him to help us be like Miriam, who followed God’s plans. Encourage your child to share any prayer requests or thanksgivings they have during this time.

Miriam – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

Tambourine Time:

Miriam led the Israelites in worship with her tambourine. Provide the child with a tambourine or create a homemade one using paper plates and bells or beads. Encourage them to dance and sing songs of praise like Miriam did, reinforcing the importance of worship and thankfulness.

Basket Weaving Activity:

All you need is construction paper in two different colours, scissors, and glue or tape. Choose one colour for the base, fold it in half, and cut slits along the folded edge about 1 inch apart, stopping an inch from the opposite edge. Open the folded paper and lay it flat with slits running vertically. Cut the second paper colour into 1-inch-wide strips. Guide the child to weave the strips over and under the slits in the base, alternating to create a woven pattern. This engaging activity helps children connect with the story of baby Moses while practicing their weaving skills.

Gratitude Jar:

To reinforce the lesson of being grateful and avoiding complaining, create a Gratitude Jar.

Each day, encourage the child to write or draw something they are thankful for on a small piece of paper and place it in the jar. Over time, the jar will fill up with their expressions of gratitude, helping them focus on giving thanks to God, just as Miriam learned to do.


Free Bible Coloring Pages – Miriam

Miriam watching Moses craft

What you need:

  • Template page,
  • Colouring equipment,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue.

What to do:

  1. Colour the template pages.
  2. Cut out the Bush section.
  3. Glue to create a flap to hide Miriam.

Tambourine Craft

What you need:

  • 2 paper plates,
  • A hole punch,
  • Ribbon,
  • Glitter,
  • Glue,
  • Colouring equipment.

What to do:

  1. Decorate the paper plates.
  2. Place plates together. Use a hole punch to make holes around the outside.
  3. Tie plates together using ribbon or string.

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