Welcome to ‘Module 1: God’s Amazing Creation’. This comprehensive learning package is designed to lay a strong educational foundation for your pre-schooler, deeply rooted in scripture.

In this module, we embark on an exciting exploration of the seven days of creation as told in the Book of Genesis. The journey is divided into four progressive sub-modules, each focused on specific days of creation, providing your child with a captivating, hands-on learning experience that blends education and faith in a fun, engaging way.

Here is a glimpse into the four sub-modules:

  • Module 1.1: Day One & Two – Light and Sky: We begin our journey in God’s creation. Your child will be introduced to numbers 1 and 2 through interactive activities, learning to connect these numbers to the first two days of creation.
  • ‘Module 1.2: Day Three & Four – Land and Space: We will take your child on an exploration of the land, plants and the vast expanse of the sky.
  • ‘Module 1.3: Day Five & Six – Fish, Birds, and Animals: We dive into the amazing world of animals, birds, and fish, exploring the diversity of life that populates our planet.
  • ‘Module 1.4: Day Six & Seven – People and Rest: Finally, we focus on God’s creation of mankind and the concept of rest. This module is a wonderful opportunity for children to appreciate their uniqueness, understand the importance of rest, and feel a deep connection to the world around them.

Every sub-module includes: a range of indoor and outdoor activities, STEAM activities, Bible studies, and hands-on tasks. We use diverse teaching methods, including numeracy, literacy, art, science, and sensory exploration to cater to all learning styles.

All this is done with the aim of fostering your child’s curiosity, creativity, and love for learning.

Our desire is to help you create a flexible learning environment where your child can learn at their own pace. Our resources are designed to be adaptable, so you can tailor them to best suit your child’s learning style and interest. Remember, balance is key! Blend educational and Bible-based activities as suits your child’s learning style and interest.

Example pages

Here are just a few examples of pages from inside the lesson packs. There are over 50 pages in each sub module. The makes Module 1 over 200 pages.

We are thrilled to join you and your child on this amazing journey. Here’s to a wonderful exploration of God’s amazing creation, filled with joy, discovery, and faith!

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