Mother’s Day: Free Printable Activity Booklet for Kids!

Celebrate Mother's Day with our free printable activity booklet for kids! Featuring a devotional, puzzles, and crafts, it's perfect for church or family bonding.

This Mother’s Day, create a memorable experience for the children in your church or family with our free printable Mother’s Day Activity Booklet. Designed to engage kids while teaching them the importance of honoring and appreciating their mothers, this booklet is perfect for a special Sunday school lesson or a family activity on Mother’s Day.

What’s Inside:

Our Mother’s Day Activity Booklet includes a variety of engaging and age-appropriate activities to help children celebrate their mothers and reflect on the love and care they receive every day. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

  • Front Cover: A short and easy-to-understand devotional that helps children connect with the significance of Mother’s Day and the role their mothers play in their lives.
  • Inside Pages: A collection of entertaining puzzles and worksheets designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way. Activities include counting, connecting Bible characters to their mothers, word searches, and more.
  • Back Cover: A beautiful coloring page featuring a loving scene of a mother and child, accompanied by an inspiring Bible verse. Plus, a simple and meaningful bookmark craft that children can create as a special Mother’s Day gift for their moms.

How to Use:

Our free printable Mother’s Day Activity Booklet is easy to download and print. Simply click the download button, print the booklet, and distribute it to the children in your church or family. Encourage them to work through the activities, reflect on the devotional, and create the bookmark craft as a loving gift for their mothers.

The booklet is is available for download in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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