Game Type: Tag

Age: 4-adult

Number of Teams: 0

Playing Area: Large indoor room

Equipment or Supplies: None

Object of Game: To be the last one standing

How to Play Octopus Tag:

The “it” person tries to tag members as they run from one side of the room to the other. Those who are tagged become part of the “it” team by being an octopus.


  1. Choose 1-2 players (depending on size of group) to be “it”. Every other player should stand against one wall.
  2. Players will run from one wall to the other and try not to be tagged by “it”.
  3. Those that are tagged must sit where they are tagged. They become “octopi” and can use their arms to tag other runners, but they cannot move from their seated positions.
  4. Players will continue to run from one side to the other, trying to avoid both the moving it and the octopi on the ground.
  5. Play ends when there is only one person left. That person becomes the new “it”


How about linking this game to how God calls us to be part of the Body. (1 Corinthians 12)  It’s much easier to work together than it is alone.

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