Old Testament Bible timeline for kids – Free printable

Journey Through The Bible with a Free Old Testament Bible Timeline for Kids

Our free printable Old Testament Bible timeline for kids is perfect for teaching children the history of the Bible. This timeline allows them to easily visualize the history of the Bible from Creation to the time of Christ.

The timeline breaks down each event into relevant sections, helping kids to understand the order of events. Our timeline also includes illustrations and diagrams to visually explain certain stories and characters.

With this timeline, kids can gain a better understanding of the Old Testament and the stories within it. It is a great educational tool that can be used in the home or classroom to teach children about the Old Testament stories. Download our free printable Old Testament Bible timeline for kids today and help your children learn about the Old Testament stories in an easy and fun way.

This timeline is a great resource to use alongside our free Old Testament Bible lessons. As kids progress through the lessons, they can follow along with the timeline to help them truly understand the narrative and context of the Old Testament. By following the timeline, kids will understand the sequence of events and what happened in each of the stories, allowing them to stay focused and engaged in the lessons.

The timeline is a high quality PDF, allowing it to be printed up to A0 size. (41 mm x 1189 mm, 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm or 33.1 inches x 46.8 inches.) By using your printer settings, you can scale or tile pieces of paper together to create a larger image. This flexibility allows you to print a timeline as small or as large as you like, without compromising the quality.

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