Planning the Perfect Christmas

Unwrap the true meaning of a perfect Christmas with our Bible program, specially designed for kids! 🌿 Exploring Jesus’ miraculous birth and its beautiful connection with modern Christmas traditions. Each session is brimming with engaging Bible stories, creative crafts, fun games, and meaningful lessons to illuminate young hearts with divine love and joy this Christmas! 🎄💖✨ #ChristmasProgram #KidsCurriculum

This program has been designed to help kids explore the birth of Jesus and connect it with modern Christmas traditions. The program consists of five sessions where we will discover how God intricately designed the preparations for the first Christmas.

Our Key Verse for this series is: “According to the eternal purpose that He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Ephesians 3:11

Five sessions:

  1. THE PERFECT TREE (MATTHEW 1:1-16): Discover Jesus’ unique family tree. This lesson takes a closer look at His lineage, and just like we choose our Christmas trees with care, we’ll see how God picked the perfect lineage for Jesus, showing us His love for all people (even those who made mistakes).
  1. THE PERFECT PROMISE (2 SAMUEL 7:12-16): Understand the depth of God’s promises, focusing on the birth of Jesus. This lesson will remind us that God always keeps His promises.
  1. THE PERFECT LIGHT (ISAIAH 9:2; 60:1-3): Jesus is the light of the world. This lesson will teach us how Jesus came to rescue us from darkness and calls us to reflect His life into the world.
  1. THE PERFECT PLACE (MICAH 5:2): Journey to Bethlehem, the humble town God chose for Jesus’ birth. We’ll learn that God often uses simple beginnings for great purposes, emphasizing the beauty of humility.
  1. THE PERFECT GIFT (JOHN 3:16; LUKE 2:1-20): This session will make us appreciate that Jesus remains the greatest gift we could ever receive.

Flexible Settings:

  • Traditional VBS/Holiday Club Format: Run a vibrant 5-day journey, unfolding each session day-by-day.
  • 5-Week Curriculum: Spread the joy across five weeks leading up to Christmas.

Dynamic Structure:

Each session in the “Planning the Perfect Christmas” program has been designed to function as a flexible toolkit that can be adjusted to accommodate various settings, time allowances, children’s abilities, and available resources.

The structure of each session includes the following components:

  1. Bible Lesson Talk Guide: This guide includes an object lesson and an activity directly related to the Bible story. The guide is designed to help you lead the children in understanding the passage and its application.
  2. Easy-to-Read Bible Story: This is a child-friendly rendition of the lesson, written in a language accessible and engaging for young learners. (Includes videos – see below)
  3. Skit Script: This script features two people who interact in a modern setting to plan a modern Christmas, helping translate the lesson’s application to real-world scenarios kids can relate to.
  4. Worksheets: Educational and fun worksheets are provided for each session. These offer a range of activities that reinforce the lesson and allow children to engage with the material hands-on.
  5. Group Games: Three group games per session are included, designed to make learning fun and collaborative.
  6. Colouring Pages: Featuring scenes from the Bible passage, these colouring pages offer a creative way for children to connect with the story.
  7. Craft Ideas: Two craft ideas per session are included, often with templates provided. These offer hands-on lesson reinforcement and a take-home reminder of the lesson.
  8. Memory Verse Activities: Each session features learning activities centred around a key Bible verse, making Scripture memorization fun, and engaging. There are also Bible verse memory cards for the children to take home,

Example pages

Download “The Perfect Christmas”

The “The Perfect Christmas” program is in a zip file of 18.5MB, which you’ll need to download and unzip to access the PDF files inside.

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Videos for lessons

Session 1

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Session 5:

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