Today, we will walk through Psalm 1, exploring the journey of making good choices that lead us to a blessed life.

Key Points:

  • God’s way is best.
  • Delight in the Bible.
  • A Blessed life.

Lesson Guide – Psalm 1

Read Psalm 1

Begin by asking the children if they’ve ever had to choose between two things, like what to wear or eat. You may like to play a quick choice game. Psalm 1 talks about two very important choices: the way of the righteous (those who follow God) and the way of the wicked (those who don’t follow God).

Prepare two paths in the room using tape or strings on the floor or paper. Label one path “The Righteous” and the other “The Wicked”.

Verses 1 (Blessed and Choosing the Right Path):

Explain that “blessed” means happy, but it’s a special happiness from God. It is not something we only feel but something we are. Draw a big heart on a piece of paper, and inside the heart, let the children draw or write things that make them feel blessed. 

Play a traffic light game. Green = walk around; yellow = stand still; and red = sit down. After the game, relate back to verse 1. We must decide where and with whom we will walk, stand, and sit. We must be careful who we spend time with and listen to, as the people around us can influence our choices. We are blessed when we don’t follow the wrong advice or join in with people who make bad choices.

Verse 2 (Delight and Meditate in God’s Word):

Ask your children what it means to delight in something? Share that the Bible is a very special book because God speaks to us through it. It makes us strong and happy when we read it.

Prepare a cup of warm water and provide a teabag for each child. Have them gently dip the teabag into the water repeatedly. Note how the more the teabag is dipped, the more it changes the water’s colour, smell, and taste. Share how, by consistently reading and meditating on the Bible, we allow it to change how we think, speak, and act, much like how the teabag transforms the water.

Verse 3 (Strong like a Tree):

Talk about how trees grow and what they need to thrive. Highlight that trees require good soil, sunlight, and water. Ask the child to draw a strong, healthy fruit tree next to a river. Share with the children that we grow strong like a well-watered tree when we love and obey God’s Word. Our lives will bear good fruit, meaning we will do things that please God and help others (read the fruits of the Spirit.)

Verse 4-5 (The Contrast):

Explain what chaff is. Give each child something light like a small feather, let them blow it and watch how easily it moves with their breath. Compare this with their drawing of the strong tree. Explain that people who don’t follow God are like chaff, easily blown away. But those who love and follow God’s word are like strong trees.

Verse 6 (Choose God’s Way) 

Refer back to your two-path illustration. Sometimes, there are better choices than doing what everyone else seems to do. Jesus came to show us a better way that leads to blessing and eternal life. Jesus said, “I am the way,” meaning He is the path to follow.

Finish with a prayer, asking God to guide and help you follow Jesus.

Psalm 1 – Bible story for kids

Games and activities

Plant Growth Experiment

Plant seeds in pots, placing them in different conditions—one in sunlight and one in darkness.

Regularly water them and observe the growth. Discuss how, like plants, we thrive when planted in God’s word.

Right Path, Wrong Path

Create two paths using tapes or ropes.

Give the child two choices and have them choose and walk a path, then discuss their choices.  Emphasize how the righteous path, although it can be challenging, leads to blessing.

Tree or Chaff? Movement Game

Play a game where kids react to the words “Tree” and “Chaff.” For “Tree,” they stand firm, and for “Chaff,” they move around pretending to be blown by the wind. Use this physical activity to discuss the stability of those who follow God’s word and the instability of those who don’t.

Worksheets (Preschool)

Free Bible Coloring Pages – Psalm 1

Like a Tree – Craft

What you need:

  • Template page
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What to do:

  1. Colour the template.
  2. Cut out template sections and fold.
  3. Glue the tree where shown.

“Chaff in the Wind” Windsock Craft

What you need:

  • Template page
  • Tissue paper
  • Colouring equipment
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String
  • Hole punch

What to do:

  1. Colour the template.
  2. Cut out template section. Cut strips of tissue paper and glue to reverse.
  3. Glue to form a hoop. Make holes were shown. Tie through a length of string.

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